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7 Things You Have to do in Former Yugoslavia

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We may be wrapping up our first journey through former Yugoslavia,  but the adventure is just beginning! Come with us as we take a look back through all seven countries and pick the one can’t-miss experience from each!

1. Hop Along the Dalmatian Coast (Croatia)

croatia dubrovnik adriatic dalmatia kings landing coast

The Adriatic coastline in Croatia (most of which falls in the historical region of Dalmatia) has grown into arguably the most recognizable and popular destination in all of former-Yugoslavia. Thanks to warm waters, world-renowned party spots, plus historical cities like Zadar and the especially photogenic Dubrovnik – the Dalmatian Coast is a marquee destination up there with the best in Europe.

2. Hike the Julian Alps (Slovenia)

julian alps slovenia triglav national park pond mountains path

Slovenia offers a breathtaking array of natural landscapes and quaint villages, with the small Adriatic coastline and famous Lake Bled island church both deserving of a mention. However it’s the vast Julian Alps that we believe are most integral to any getaway. Start your journey in Triglav National Park (home of the country’s highest mountain) and be sure to swing by Lake Bohinj and Vršič Pass. There are few better places to go hiking in Europe than here.

3. Take in the Bay of Kotor (Montenegro)

bay of kotor montenegro church water adriatic scenic town medieval

At first glance you might be forgiven for thinking you had accidently stumbled into Norway. Montenegro’s Bay of Kotor has much in common with the impressive fjords of the aforementioned Scandinavian country, but it’s all present here with an added slice of Balkan living and the great weather that goes along with it. The town itself is nothing to scoff at either, with an amazing medieval cityscape that is considerably less travelled than its Croatian cousins (for now at least).

4. Explore the Unique Culture of Prizren (Kosovo)

prizren kosovo bridge mosque muslim islam albanian city

The region’s newest (and still disputed) country might not be as geographically big as its neighbours but the city of Prizren easily earns itself a place at the proverbial table. With historic and religious architecture that outshines anything else in Kosovo, this cultural capital is a great place to immerse yourself in Kosovar Albanian history – while also enjoying one of the many festivals held here throughout the year.

5. Let Loose in Belgrade (Serbia)

belgrade serbia full moon city nightlife church

Beautiful architecture and buildings are all well and good, but sometimes you just need to let your hair down. Well that’s where Belgrade comes in. While the largest city in former Yugoslavia offers a lot to do at all hours of the day, it’s when the sun sets that Belgrade really comes to life. The nightlife is renowned for being the best in the region, and among the best in Europe – with low prices, diverse groups of locals and foreigners, and more bars and clubs than you can shake a stick at.

6. Cross the Stari Most in Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

stari most old bridge mostar bosnia and herzegovina river ottoman

Located in the Mediterranean-esque region of Herzegovina, the city of Mostar is the most likely candidate to see in photos of BiH. No wonder considering it’s the most photogenic city in the country bar none. The crown jewel is the Stari Most (or ‘Old Bridge’), a construction dating back to the Ottoman era that crosses the river Neretva. While the original was unfortunately destroyed during the war, a faithful reconstruction now stands in its place as a testament to the country’s spirit and history.   

7. Relax on the Shores of Lake Ohrid (Macedonia)

lake ohrid macedonia church shore tranquil peaceful balkans

We end our journey on the tranquil shores of Lake Ohrid. While Macedonia may not have a seacoast, the lake and eponymous town more than make up for that. Whether you’re sampling some local cuisine in an Ohrid café or swimming in the approximately 300 metre deep water, there’s no denying the entire experience is unforgettable and alluring all at once.

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