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7 Must-Read Travel Bloggers

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Whether you’re a rookie traveller, an experienced adventurer, or a committed desk chair explorer, you probably love reading, watching, and listening about travel. No matter what kind of travel you’re interested in, we’ve got at least one blogger to add to your “to read” list.

The Savvy Backpackers

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The Savvy Backpackers are a husband/wife/doggo team that travel around Europe. Their website is a wealth of resources for any traveller, but especially those just starting out. It focuses on budget travel and saving money while featuring city and country guides and profiles, step-by-step planning guides, packing tips, best travel apps, and so much more! The detail in their webpages is incredible. There’s cost guides for 30 European cities, a guide to sex and hooking up while travelling, and packing guides for every season and travel-type, plus specific product advice (like the best headphones, cameras, and winter boots for travelling). The Savvy Backpackers is a great place to start when planning your trip! After all, they were inspired to start blogging what they wished they knew before they started travelling!

Hey Nadine

Nadine Sykora is a young, funny, cool travel vlogger living the millennial dream. Her Youtube channel includes videos documenting her travels, travel tips, personal anecdotes and reflections. Nadine’s honest (and sometimes self-deprecating) humour combined with incredible videography make for entertaining and visually stunning videos. Her videos often focus on tips and travel hacks, solo and female travel.  Hey Nadine is a great channel to fuel your wanderlust with amazing travel footage, get some good tips for your next trip, and be inspired to be brave and strike out on your own.

Travelling Canucks

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Follow the adventures of the Wears family (aka Travelling Canucks) as they explore the world. The married couple and their two young sons are proving that you can raise a family, work, and travel all at once. Their blog focuses on family vacation destinations, tips, and work-travel balance. The Vancouver couple give advice to any family travellers; from travelling with a baby, how to work full-time and still travel often, travel reflections, destination suggestions, and more! Everyone interested in family travel should consider Travelling Canucks the experts!

Bacon is Magic

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Bacon is Magic is a foodie blog started by a Canadian woman named Ayngelina. She followed her stomach and bought a one-way ticket to Mexico where she began travelling and tasting her way around the world. Ayngelina’s blog features recipes from across the globe to try at home, culinary travel guides, destination trips, and personal anecdotes and reflections. While Bacon is Magic is certainly a foodie blog, you can also expect a lot of personal and narrative-style posts. If you’re a traveller who follows your stomach (rather than your heart), Bacon is Magic is sure to inspire and guide you on your next adventure!

Oneika the Traveller

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Oneika the Traveller is a blog by Toronto-born journalist Oneika Raymond. Her blog is fun, sassy, and stylish as it focuses on the experience of a black, female traveller. Her blog features Life and Style pieces like travel hair care tips, vacation flings, and how to stay in shape while on vacation. Another unique section of the blog is the Travelling while Black section which includes various blogs and Black Expats video series. Oneika’s honest, first-person posts are insightful, intimate, powerful, and oftentimes wonderfully cheeky – combine that with striking and colourful photography for the whole package. Oneika the Traveller is the perfect blog for anyone sick of the overdone “eat, pray, love” angle.

Long Haul Trekkers

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This group of adventurers features Jen, Dave, and Sora and Laila, the dogs. Long Haul Trekkers focus on travel and adventures that include your dog. Their blog includes informative posts for travelling with your dog like tips, gear guides with specific product recommendations, and how to find pet-friendly accommodations, as well as traditional blog-style posts documenting trips. Readers can expect excellent photography (often featuring Sora and Laila, the stars of the show), lots of great tips for travelling and adventuring with your pet, and education and advocacy surrounding animal welfare. The goal of Long Haul Trekkers is to use travel to raise awareness and create social change for animals. Their sections Street Tails features pieces about street dogs, animal rescue stories, and animal charities and GoFundMe pages for dogs in need. Long Haul Trekkers is a must-read for anyone who already travels with their dog and anyone considering it!

Note: Sora recently passed away. However, the adventures of Jen, Dave, and Laila continue! Rest in Peace Sora.

Little Miss Ottawa

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If you’re looking for a more local travel blogger, check out Little Miss Ottawa. The Ottawa-based writer and photographer is sure to inspire your next trip to the country’s capital. If you’re heading to Ottawa, her blog always features event calendars, local food and drink reviews, and Getaway Series which shares her travel adventures both near and outside of the city featuring places as close as Parc Omega and as far as Halifax and Charlottetown. Readers can be sure they’ll be kept well-informed on Ottawa goings-on, striking photography, and a dash of wanderlust.

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