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5 Movies that inspire WanderLUST

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These movies put the “lust” in wanderlust! Travel and romance go together like milk and cookies – in real life and in films! These steamy movies are guaranteed to inspire you to travel.

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This tear-jerker tells the story of a grieving widow who begins receiving messages from her dead husband – messages telling her to let go, have fun, and travel. Hilary Swank’s character Holly travels to Ireland, her husband’s home-country and the place they met. If the gorgeous shots of lush rolling hills of Ireland don’t make you want to take a trip, the message of the movie will – travel heals the soul. And if that’s not enough, maybe the promise of your own Jeffrey Dean Morgan will convince you!

Under the Tuscan Sun

After a messy divorce, Diane Lane’s character Frances decides (after a lot of encouragement and pressure from her friends) to tour Tuscany to shake her depression. There, she goes on a journey of self-discovery and buys a run-down house in an attempt to start over. In fixing the house, Frances begins to fix herself. With the help of some eccentric but kind characters, Frances begins her journey to independence and confidence.

Sex and the City 2

After a couple of years of dulling marriages, exhausting kids, and mundane life, Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) and the girls decide they need a fun vacation to bring back the sparkle to their lives. The four women embark on a ladies-only luxury vacation in Abu Dhabi. The movie incorporates everything you already love about Sex and the City; fashion, cocktails, scandal, shopping, and sex – but in a different city. Aside from a few cultural differences (aka Samantha’s publicly indecent libido and Carrie’s ex showing up), this movie is guaranteed to make you want to travel with your best friends!

The Holiday

In an attempt to escape their heartbreaks, Amanda (Cameron Diaz) and Iris (Kate Winslet) connect online and agree to trade homes for the holiday. Amanda heads to Surrey and Iris heads to California for a break from the toxic men and relationships in their lives. Amanda’s place in California will make you want to vacation in the luxurious Cali sun and Iris’ rustic cabin will make you want to explore England’s beautiful countryside. Amanda and Iris find true friendship in each other, good men and partners, peace, and reflection – and all it took was travelling across the Atlantic!

Before Sunrise

Two strangers meet on a train and discover they have great chemistry together. They decide to get off the train in Vienna and get to know each other better. The minimalist plot follows Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Céline (Julie Delpy) walking and exploring the gorgeous streets of Vienna. The film is deeply intimate and personal. The two discuss their beliefs on religion, love, and life. Jesse and Céline talk openly and honestly, believing they’ll never see each other again since Jesse is going home to America in the morning and Céline will continue home to Paris. The film is guaranteed to inspire you to travel by yourself, take the train, and take a chance!

Get the popcorn popping and the snacks ready for the perfect night in with one of these great travel-romance movies. Prepare to travel vicariously and fall in love!

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