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Mother’s Day is (Almost) Here!

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Mother’s Day is this Sunday. Either you already knew that and are well prepared, or that statement just sent you into a bonafide panic. But whether you’ve had your gift and/or dinner planned for weeks or you’re scrambling out the door right now, we can all agree Mother’s Day is one of those special holidays when we really get to show how much we love and appreciate someone.

A Friendly Reminder

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Mainly, we just wanted to make you hadn’t forgotten Mother’s Day was coming up. Nothing is worse that Saturday night rolling around and realizing you hadn’t thought about your plans at all. So this is Continental’s way of making sure you’re staying on top of everything!

A World of Possibilities

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Whether you’ve got a present or not already, nothing beats the gift of exploration. Pay a visit to your nearest Continental branch and pick up some foreign currency! With our great rates and over 160 currencies ready to be bought and sold, your mother is sure to be set for a grand adventure…no matter where she wants to go!

All Set for Mother’s Day!

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Now that you’ve realized Mother’s Day is coming up fast and you’ve got a stellar gift idea, we think you’re all set! No matter what your plans are, we hope you and your mother have a very special day!

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