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5 Great Mother’s Day Trips

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It’s that time of year again, when you show the most important woman in your life how much she really means; Victoria Day! God Save the Que…what’s that? Oops. What we really meant to say was ‘Happy Mother’s Day’! This is the one (but hopefully not only) day every year where children get to treat their mother to anything including flowers, a nice restaurant, or, in this case, a unique trip somewhere abroad! While you may not be able to book one in time this year, here are a few ideas to keep in your back pocket to really take advantage of the holiday.

1. Spa Weekend (With a Twist!)

Location: Iceland | Cost: $$$ – $$$$

iceland blue lagoon spa woman swimsuit bikini water

Setting your mom up with a spa pass can be a bit of a cliché (not to knock it, sometimes simple pleasures are the best). But what if you trade the downtown establishment for the natural splendor of Iceland’s world-famous Blue Lagoon? With stately lodging and indoor amenities, the Blue Lagoon offers all the same bells and whistles you’d expect. The real pleasure however comes from the blue (duh) geothermal waters outside. You’ll get all the health benefits you’d find here, except it’s in a location that can’t be matched!

Price Note: Keep in mind that while Iceland can be very affordable to get to (thanks WOW), it’s not exactly cheap once you arrive.

Learn more at the official Blue Lagoon website.

2. No Wine-ing Here!

Location: California | Cost: $$$

california napa valley wine region glass drink

Who doesn’t like wine (rhetorical question)? Now combine a liking of fermented grape with one of the more idyllic locales this side of Tuscany, and you have Napa Valley. Set your mother up with a trip here and they can enjoy everything from tastings to resorts to experimental food to dramatic mountain vistas. It’s a commonly accepted theme that wine regions the world over are some of the most beautiful and serene parts of any country, and this is no different when you visit the most renowned one in the US of A. While amazing nearly anytime of the year, there are few better seasons to visit Napa than mid to late spring.

Price Note: It’s America. Prices can range dramatically, both when it comes to transportation and on location.

Learn more at the Napa Valley site.

3. The City That Never Sleeps

Location: New York | Cost: $$$

new york city manhattan skyline buildings tall

If your mom is more of the city-slicker type, well…we can hardly think of a better destination than perhaps the most well-known metropolis in the world. New York City offers up so many things to see and do, that no matter what your mom enjoys there is sure to be something here that will inspire. The aforementioned spas are in abundance, swanky hotels dominate Manhattan, Broadway shows appeal to all tastes, the sporty mom will find a grand total of 9 (!) big four teams in the region, and the cuisine varies from street to street as much as New Yorkers do.

Price Note: Like with California, prices will vary. New York can be pretty pricey, but it shouldn’t break the bank if you do it right.

Nothing can be said about New York that New York hasn’t already said about itself.

4. Indiana Joan? That Works

Location: Peru | Cost: $$$

peru machu picchu hiking woman ruins civilization inca

If your mom is the adventurous type, we can think of a lost civilization with her name on it. Peru is home to the heartland of what was once the vast Inca Empire. The famous mountaintop ruins at Machu Picchu are sure to get your mom’s inner explorer out, while many other lesser known (and usually less busy) highlights can be found throughout this fascinating South American country. It’s a far cry from relaxing, but this once in a lifetime experience may just show her how much you believe in her ability to get things done! Recommended for mom’s who don’t mind a bit (read: a lot) of vertical hiking!

Price Note: Getting to Peru is the challenge, but once you’re there it’s actually pretty cheap!

Plan a trip now with Peru’s tourism homepage.

5. Home is Where the Heart Is

Location: Ontario | Cost: $ – $$$$+

family home meal dinner laughing happy

For the final entry in the list, we’ll do what we sometimes do and make it a bit of a cop out. But just because this saves us from thinking up a 5th global excursion doesn’t mean this can’t be the most amazing Mother’s Day treat of them all! Right here in Ontario we have the country’s largest city at our fingertips (with all the amazing food and entertainment that comes with). Sometimes however, unforgettable holiday memories are made at home. Get the family together, cook a great meal, throw on a movie (mother’s choice), and see why Mother’s Day is special because of the ‘who’, and not just the ‘where’!

Price Note: You do you! Head to a 5-star restaurant, make a home-cooked meal, or do something else entirely. You know your mom better than we do!

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