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Our Services: Money Transfers and Wires

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Whether across the table or around the world™, sending money has never been easier. For over 29 years we’ve helped get your money to where it’s needed – fast, safe, and for less. Through our global network and proprietary operations, our money transfers and wires are sent bank to bank to over 70 countries around the world and can be received in as little as 48 hours. Credit card bills, tuition, mortgages… No matter the reason, Continental Currency Exchange is your 1 stop destination for low cost money transfers and wires!

What is a Money Transfer and wire?

A money transfer (or wire) is the electronic transfer of money from one person, company, or institution to another. No matter where in the world you need to send money, a bank to bank money transfer is the fastest and most reliable way to do it. The money is usually available to use within a few business days at most, depending on the destination country that you’re sending it to.


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Why might I need to send money to another country?

There are tons of reasons for why you might need to send money to another country. Whether it’s personal or for business, here are some reasons why you may need to transfer funds internationally:

1. International bill payments

2. Paying an overseas mortgage, loan or credit card

3. Post-secondary and other tuition fees for studies abroad

4. Foreign property purchases, sales and expenses

5. Substantial purchases, such as airplanes, boats and automobiles

6. Sending money internationally to relatives and loved ones as a gift


Whether Across the Table or Around the World™

Continental sends your money safe, swift and for less! 

The most important thing to us is that no matter how much you need to send or how often you send it, your money always arrives safe and secure. We offer some of the best savings possible through our 19 branches located across Ontario. When you send with Continental, here are some of the benefits you will receive:

Low – NO Fees With No Hidden Costs

There are no hidden fees or unwanted surprises. We offer transparent, low cost international wires (bank to bank) to financial institutions in over 70 countries around the world.

Guaranteed Best Exchange Rates

We offer the best exchange rates on over 160 different currencies bought and sold immediately, helping you keep more money in your pocket. And if you happen to find a better local rate that we can verify, we’ll beat it!

Reliable and Fast Money Transfers and Wires

We’ve partnered with trusted financial institutions across the globe. Through these exclusive partnerships, we make sure that your money arrives safe and secure so that it’s ready when you need it!

10 on 10

With ‘10 on 10’, you can come into any of our branches on the 10th of the month and send your money transfer for just $10. It’s the same great service as any other day of the month, just a little bit cheaper!

No Fees for Groups and Students 

Send tuition or pay for your tours and hotels for less. When you visit your nearest Continental branch as part of a group or as a student, you’ll pay no fees on any money transfer or wire.

More Discounts

When you send a money transfer through Continental, there are lots of options for you to save even more money. With the Privilege Card, you’ll receive lower cost money transfers and wires, and even better exchange rates. You can even combine it with our ’10 on 10’ promotion for maximum savings. Find out how to become a member today!

What do I need to send a money transfer or wire?

While our trained and professional staff are here to assist you in any way they can, it’s easier and faster if you have everything you need prior to visiting your nearest branch. To help you out, we’ve prepared a short money transfer and wire checklist:

1. Bank Name and Full Address (PO Boxes not accepted)

2. ABA # – (for wires to the USA)

3. Swift Code or BIC – (for wires outside the USA)

4. Account Number

5. Beneficiary (full name) & Full Address (PO Boxes not accepted)

6. Reason for sending the wire

7. Any other pertinent information (e.g. invoice #, contact name, etc.)

8. Additional Information is required for:

        a. Great Britain: Sort Code (6 digits)

        b. Australia: BSB (6 digits)

If you do have any queries, please don’t hesitate to call us and we can help solve any problems or questions that you have.

Send a Money Transfer Today!

Visit your nearest Continental branch any day of the week and we’ll set you up with a fast, safe and secure money transfer! Whenever you need to send money to another country, count on us to get it there for you for less.

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