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Give Back with March of Dimes!

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Did you notice a green collection box on the counter last time you visited your local Continental Currency Exchange branch? Well that’s there because we are proud supporters of the great organization – March of Dimes Canada! March of Dimes Canada has long supported Canadians with disabilities, and we could not be more pleased to help contribute to their worthy cause.

Thanks to the great efforts of generous people like you, over $25,000 has been raised by members of the Canadian MSB Association! We’re not stopping at this milestone though, so lets keep the donations coming!

What is March of Dimes?

What initially began as a group of mothers literally collecting dimes to fund polio research has since grown into an Ontario and Canada wide initiative to support children and adults of all ages live better lives.

From assistive devices to general research, March of Dimes Canada is one of the most respected and admired charity organizations in the country.

With Your Support

Pay a visit to any of our 19 branches across Ontario and you’ll find a green MOD collection container. Any cash or coins you can spare will go straight to March of Dimes Canada. Only have foreign coins after your trip? That’s great! We’ll accept whatever currency you can offer.

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Learn More

You can learn more about March of Dimes Canada including their mission, initiatives, supporters, events, and other news at You can even find ways to get involved independently, including the old fashioned door-to-door method (that is, of course, how it all started)!

Making a Difference

We are proud of the difference you’ve all made so far…and with your continued support, the great people over at March of Dimes will keep doing what they do best!

Visit your nearest Continental branch to become a part of March of Dimes Canada’s great mission!

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