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5 Great Libraries Around the World

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There are few better ways to expand the mind than a good book. You can go on adventures to far off and fantastical lands, become well versed in the momentous events of yesteryear, step into the shoes of anyone you wish, and so on and so forth.


While curling up at home with a book or reading on your tablet are great ways to transport your mind, nothing beats the choice, ambience, and sheer variety offered by a library. As we look ahead to 2017 we want to encourage all our readers to, well…read more with a visit to some of the world’s best libraries!

5. The Royal Library

Copenhagen, Denmark

copenhagen denmark waterfront royal library

Found in the Danish capital, the largest library in all the Nordic countries is renowned for its imposing black diamond exterior. Instead of a Bond villain’s evil lair, entering reveals a surprisingly welcoming and impressive space ideal for anyone who wants to wile away the day with a good book. With views of the water and a lot of natural light, we can’t think of a better place to read (well, I guess we can think of four actually).

4. Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Alexandria, Egypt

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This one makes the list mainly due to historical pedigree. In the days of antiquity, the Library of Alexandria was renowned across the Mediterranean for its massive collection of tomes and scrolls – making it arguably the most important centre of culture and learning in the ancient world. Tragically, the library burned down and centuries of knowledge were forever lost. Today, a large granite building stands as both a reminder of what once was and a commendable library in its own right.

3. Admont Abbey Library

Admont, Austria

admont abbey library monastery monk austria paintings fresco books

Bar none, this is the most beautiful library in the world. With stunning Baroque architecture and ceiling frescos that would even turn Michelangelo’s head, it feels as though you’re reading in Versailles or some other equally ostentatious palace. With bookcases covering the walls, this monastery library’s collection is nothing to scoff at either. Overall though, it’s the stunning design that will transport readers to another world (before they’ve even opened a book).

2. Library of Congress

Washington, D.C.

library of congress washington dc america usa government

America’s de facto national library may just be the most famous in the world. Across three sprawling buildings in the nation’s capital, the Library of Congress is the largest library in the entire world. In it you can find anything you seek – from American novels to nonfiction to an ever-growing collection of foreign language works. The one caveat here is that unless you’re a high-ranking government official or Nicolas Cage you can’t check out materials – but that won’t stop us from spending the day reading within its massive interior.

1. Your Local Library!

Anywhere, Close to You

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At the end of the day however, nothing beats your local library. Whether you’re lucky enough to live close to one of the four above or your local is a small, one room undertaking, your own library will have more than enough stories to tell. These special places only thrive with our support and patronage so we hope that you’ll spend a bit of time there this coming year…I know we will!

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