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Large Bill Happy Days in Windsor

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Continental’s Windsor branch is excited to run its “Large Bill Happy Days” promotion.  This promotion is exclusive to the Windsor location and offers clients special, discounted rates for large US dollar bill exchange ($100’s to be specific) – even better than the VIP and preferred member rates!

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Large Denomination Savings

Due to popular demand, this promotion is inspired by clients from Windsor and Detroit who frequently travel back and forth between Canada and the United States.  Large Bill Happy Days was launched specifically to assist travelers and border hoppers.  Continental sees many repeat clients through this busy corridor and aims to help create an easy and cost-saving environment while making use of the supply $100 bills that don’t get exchanged as regularly.  

Travelling can be stressful enough as it is, so this is why Continental is always looking for different and creative ways to benefit clients and give them the best possible exchange rate.  Large Bill Happy Days makes sense for the Windsor location thanks to its proximity to the US, and has already been a hit for border hoppers!

Large Bill Happy Days

Exchange with Assurance!

While the Canadian dollar might experience ups and downs, we hope that this promotion has helped some travellers beat the exchange rate! Large Bill Happy Days in Windsor brings additional value for discounts on USD 100 bills to clients and lets shoppers and travelers keep more money in their own pockets – it’s the Continental Currency Exchange way!

Written by Megan Cary

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