Jordan Takes the Fight to ISIS

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Following the release of a horrific video, Jordan has launched its first attack on ISIS targets believed to be in Syria. The video in question showed a Jordanian pilot being burned alive by members of the Islamic State. The air strikes occurred as King Abdullah II visited the father of the pilot. A poignant statement was made when the jets – returning from Syria – flew over the town when the king was meeting with mourners.

A show of force

Since the video was released, Jordan has responded strongly. First, they executed two extremist hostages they were holding. King Abdullah himself was front and centre, even going so far as to invoke Clint Eastwood’s wrathful turn in Unforgiven. An image of the king in military garb gained popularity on social media. While he is unlikely to join in the attacks himself – as was theorised early on – it still sends a strong statement to ISIS that Jordan is preparing for war.

These recent events bring the amount of Arab countries on the offensive against ISIS to four – Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates are the others. Though galvanised by the tragic loss of their pilot, it remains to be seen how involved the Jordanian military will be going forward. As it stands however, the coalition against ISIS continues to get bigger and stronger everyday.

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