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Continental Currency Exchange Versus ICE Exchange Rate

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Forex is an essential service today for just about everyone. Whether directly or indirectly: the food you eat, the clothes you wear, or the trips you take – everything relies on the exchange of currencies. While banks are some of the biggest players in the circulation of currencies, currency exchange companies also play an important role. 

But not all currency exchange companies are created equal. Although bigger firms often offer the convenience of locations in airports and train stations, they also tend to abuse this privilege with exorbitant rates and service fees. But that’s not all, read on to see how Continental Currency Exchange holds up against International Currency Exchange Canada.

ICE Exchange Rate vs Continental Exchange Rate

While not located directly at the airport, Continental makes up for this with lower rates than what ICE has to offer. But regardless, if you do find a better rate in the area, Continental promises to beat it with our ‘best rates guarantee’! 

But it’s not just in the rates that Continental blows ICE out of the water. With high hidden fees and service charges, foreign exchange with ICE is an expensive way to get the currency you need. In contrast, Continental Currency Exchange has no hidden fees; and our service fee of 2.00CA$ is waived with a Continental Privilege card (available for free at your nearest Continental branch!). 

In addition to the rates, there is the amount of currencies on offer. ICE exchanges just 60 foreign currencies. Whereas Continental buys and sells over 160. The difference is clear. While ICE may be conveniently located, if you don’t want to be overcharged, Continental Currency Exchange has the clear edge. 

ICE Wire Transfers vs Continental

With Continental Currency Exchange, you can send wires to over 56 countries and semi-autonomous regions around the world! On the other hand, sending wire transfers with ICE is limited to just the major currencies and a handful of exotics. 

Continental’s wire fees are on average only $10-15 dollars. Factor in Continental’s best rates guarantee, and there’s no question that Continental Currency Exchange is the place to go when you need to send a wire!

ICE Foreign Currency Online Ordering & Delivery vs Continental

NOTE: FXtoGO is not available at this time

One of Continental’s great features is FXtoGO, the online currency platform that allows you to order the currencies you need direct to where you need them – anywhere in Canada (excluding Quebec). You can pick your order up for free in branch, or have it delivered direct to your home or office, in as little as 24 hours.

In contrast, when ordering foreign currency with ICE, you are limited to picking up your order at an ICE vendor. ICE only has locations at airports and just a handful of malls, meaning picking up your order is also likely to be less convenient than with Continental. With better rates as well, Continental Currency Exchange is the place to order your foreign currency online!

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