How to Plan a Backpacking Trip

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Backpacking can be an unforgettable experience. With just a little effort and good planning, you will enjoy your vacation in beautiful places without having to deal with unnecessary crowds that you might find at RV sites and campgrounds. To be sure you’re prepared, check out some simple things you can do to plan a backpacking trip ahead of time.

Go on day hikes first before going overnight

Try a couple of day hikes through different kinds of weather and terrain before setting out for a multi-day trip. This will help you find out what suits you. Try a few hikes without any gear but with light snacks, plenty of water and a map of the area you are visiting.

Pick an interesting destination for your trip

Are you interested in the Great Lakes, grasslands or the mountains? Depending on where you live, certain places may be exotic but others can be quite ordinary and boring. You can try to venture out further for a serious hiking experience. But remember to pick an appropriate place and an appropriate time of the year for your destination. Some destinations may be crowded in certain months of the year (well-known trails in late spring/summer) while in some places, the weather may be unbearable (such as up in the mountains during colder months).


It’s always good to travel in a group!

Plan your route through the area

When you have picked a park or wilderness area where you want to go backpacking, refer to the park maps of the area to find specific trails that are used by other hikers to ensure your safety.  You can also go online to find the information about the parks in the area you are visiting.


Just follow those simple steps and you’ll already be on your way to an unforgettable backpacking adventure. There’s a whole world to explore, so get out there!

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