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How do I use FXtoGO?

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Earlier this year Continental Currency Exchange introduced our brand new online ordering platform for currency – FXtoGO. It has been a massive success so far and we wanted to make sure you were getting the most out of it. So to make it easier than ever for you to get your currency delivered straight to your door, we’ve put together a quick run down that will teach you how to order foreign currency online through FXtoGO!

What is FXtoGO?


FXtoGO is the latest and greatest innovation from Canada’s Foreign Exchange Experts™. With over 40 different currencies available online, all with our always-great rates and Canada-wide shipping, it has never been easier to take advantage of Continental’s wide selection and great deals. FXtoGO offers delivery right to your door or to your nearest branch for pick-up at your convenience, all at the click of a button!

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How do I place an order?

Ordering your currency online through FXtoGO is fast and simple. Your first step is to head on over to Once you’ve done that, follow these simple instructions below:

  1. Begin by clicking “Add to Cart”
  2. Beside “Product” use the drop down menu to select “Foreign Cash”
  3. Use the drop down menu and select the currency you would like to purchase
  4. Enter either the foreign amount or Canadian dollar amount you require
  5. Click “Get Rate”
  6. Request the bill denominations that you would like
  7. Press “Add to Cart” on the Shopping Cart page
  8. Repeat the previous steps to add up to $2500 Canadian worth of foreign currencies, then press “Continue” on the Shopping Cart page
  9. Select either “Pick Up” or “Delivery”
  10. Fill out all fields in the Customer Information Field and press “continue”
  11. Choose your payment method and press submit order
  12. Complete the payment/checkout process
  13. You will receive confirmation of your order via email

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You now know how to order foreign currency online!

Now that you’ve completed your order, you’re good to go! Just sit back, relax, and wait for your currency of choice to arrive…no pants required!

If you want to learn more about FXtoGO, head on over to our comprehensive FAQ.

Now that that’s sorted, go to FXtoGO to order your currency right now! You can also find a complete list of currencies we carry both online and in-branch.

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