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For the past few months we’ve brought you everything from travel guides and world tips, to the front row of savings. Whether on our blog, Facebook page, Twitter feed, or Pinterest wall, we’ve kept you connected on the Current. But now we’re asking for your help. In order to provide you (our clients) with the information you need, and the stories you want to read, we are asking you to fill out our brief survey below as best as possible. Not every answer needs to be perfect, but every answer will go a long way to help us make sure we’re providing you with the content you want. Information to help you travel easier and save more, anywhere you go, all around the world.

Thank you very much for helping to direct the future of your Continental Blog – The Current.

At Continental Currency Exchange our goal has always been to provide you with low cost flexible services, convenient locations, and the best exchange rates guaranteed – helping you to save more and travel easier all around the world. By filling out this survey, you will help us maintain our high standards and continue to deliver an unparalleled experience by providing our knowledge and expertise to you, in the best manners possible through our blog – the Current.

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