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Headlines: United Airlines, gas prices rising…

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Every week we bring you the world’s biggest travel, currency, and business stories. This week: AirBnB scam; Trump says China is not a currency manipulator; Bulgaria is the best value vacation in Europe; a stern warning to airlines in Canada after United incident; gas prices in Canada on the rise.

AirBnB is Air Break and Enter

A BBC investigation revealed that scammers were using AirBnB to gain access to people’s homes in order to burgle them. The scammers would first hack into verified accounts, change some details before booking accommodations and rob them upon arrival.

China doesn’t manipulate currency – Trump

Trump has backtracked on a campaign promise to label China as a currency manipulator. Many people believe that China has been purposefully suppressing the CNY in order to make exports more competitive, however formally categorizing them as currency manipulators could have caused a foreign relations crisis. President Trump made the comments shortly after meeting President Xi Jinping.

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Bulgaria Best Value Vacation

According to the UK Post Office Bulgaria is home to the best value resort in Europe, while Ibiza in Spain was the most expensive. Using a basket of common holiday goods including meals, drinks, and even sunblock the Post Office found that an average day at Sunny Beach in Bulgaria would cost just GBP 37 (CAD 61) while the same products and services would cost GBP 131 in Ibiza (CAD 218). The next best deal was in the Algarve in Portugal where it would cost you GBP 58 (CAD 96).

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United Airlines behaviour unacceptable in Canada

Following a disturbing incident on an overbooked United Airlines flight in which a passenger was filmed being dragged off a flight against his will, Transport Minister Marc Garneau issued a stern warning. In a letter sent to all major airlines operating in Canada Garneau said, “”I am writing to you today to convey that such an incident would be unacceptable in Canada.” Dr. David Dao, 69, lost both of his front teeth, suffered a broken nose and concussion, and spent five days in hospital where he underwent reconstructive surgery.

Gas Prices

Gas prices across Canada are rising rapidly as the warm weather hits and the loonie remains low. Although Canada is one of the world’s largest oil producers we import much of our gas, and with the loonie weak against the USD that means higher prices at the pump. Last week gas in the GTA touched 1.22 per litre, and in Montreal it was an even higher 1.27.

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