Top 6 “Haunted” Houses around the world.

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With only a day away until Halloween, we wanted to share a list of some of the best “haunted” houses from around the world. Fair warning, this list is not for the faint of heart…


Niagara Falls

What better a place to start than our own backyard, Niagara Falls. Not only can you take in the majestic views of the waterfalls, but you can also get scared silly! Niagara Falls is home to many scare attractions, including Nightmares Fear Factory on Victoria Street, but if you’re too scared to wander far, Clifton Hill is home to some of Canada’s scariest haunted houses. This street is sure to have the scares you’re looking for with a variety of activities to keep you on your toes, from Zombie Hunting to jump scares at the Haunt Manor, it’s the perfect Halloween destination for the family.

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13th Gate – Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Next on our list is one of America’s best-haunted houses, the 13th Gate. Sitting on the edge of the Mississippi River, this ultimate haunted house is in the heart of Baton Rouge. The haunted attraction is known for its ultra-realistic sets and gruesome makeup effects. With 13 different realms for you to explore you’re bound to find your worst nightmare. Their impressive actors and variety of sets make this 30-minute haunted house a must-see.

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Lost Souls Alley – Kraków, Poland

Jumping across the pond, the next spooky spot on our list is Lost Souls Alley. Europe has elevated the haunted house game with its interactive, painful, terrifying attractions. In Kraków’s city center an old building that was rumored to be haunted with vengeful ghosts has been converted into 10 rooms for you to work your way through. Lost Souls Alley has different levels of intensities to choose from and boasts that only 20% of their customers choose the more extreme version, and of those who chose it not a single person has made it all the way through…

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Hotel Psycho – Vienna, Austria

Sticking to Europe, next we have Hotel Psycho. This is the haunted house for those who are looking for the most extreme experience. This is not for the faint of heart, with even their least scary “green” level you can expect to be terrorized both mentally and physically. No matter the level of scare you choose you can expect to come out with some bruises and scratches that you can proudly post pictures of to your social media. Located within the Prater amusement park, you can go calm your nerves afterward with live entertainment, or if you want to keep the adrenaline rushing you can ride one of their roller coasters.

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Pasaje Del Terror – Blackpool, England

Known for their well-timed jump scares, our next haunted attraction is located on the shore of the Irish Sea in the iconic Casino Building and is the UK’s longest-running scare attraction. Pasaje del Terror brings to life some of the most famous characters from the horror genre and you’re sure to find the monster of your nightmares. This interactive maze has scares behind every corner and will leave you trembling as you try to make your way to the end.

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Saikyo Senritsu Meikyu – Fujiyoshida, Japan

Last on our lists is the world’s most visited haunted house, Saikyo Senritsu Meikyu, which translates to “Shivering Labyrinth”. In the heart of the amusement park Fuji-Q Highland, this haunted house sees more than 1000 visitors a day who are brave enough to explore this 50-minute maze. Inspired by a local hospital that was rumored to steal organs during surgeries, legend says that the ghosts of the hospital now roam the maze of Saikyo Senritsu Meikyu. Guests recall hearing a female screaming but the attraction has no female actors, leading many to question where the screams are really coming from…

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