Happy Valentine’s Day!

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After a week of buying gifts, making dinner reservations, and more – it’s finally Valentine’s Day! While you’ve been figuring out how to show that special someone just how special they actually are, we’ve been doing our best to bring you relevant information over four years on theCurrent.

Valentine’s Day Roundup

If you missed any of our Valentine’s Day stories – don’t worry! We brought you everything from tips on how to save money without sacrificing heart to where to travel in order to really blow your valentine away. We also took a look at how Valentine’s Day is celebrated and affection is shown in other countries. While the holiday as we know it isn’t the same everywhere – we found that love is still a universal language! This is also expressed in film as we found out!

Looking for a laugh (or some really last minute ideas)? Then check out some of our favourite Valentine’s Day cards. If your special someone has a great sense of humour – which we’re sure they do – one of these might just be what you need! Lastly, while we know Valentine’s Day is a usually holiday for couples, that doesn’t mean being single can’t be just as fun (if not more so).

Most importantly, it’s up to you to make your Valentine’s Day special. Whether you’re traveling abroad or staying home. Splurging on expensive gifts or crafting something at home. We don’t have a right or wrong way to celebrate, only you and your special someone can figure that out. So once again from all of us at theCurrent, happy Valentine’s Day!


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