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Happy Canada Day From Continental!

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Happy Canada Day from all of us at Continental Currency Exchange! As a proudly Canadian owned and operated business, we absolutely love to celebrate this joyous holiday! Whether you’re enjoying the festivities at home or abroad, we all take a little bit of Canada with us everywhere we go. July 1st is certainly a day that’s close to all our hearts.

Explore Canada

Canada Day 2019

From coast to coast to coast, our country is beautiful, diverse, and incredible. Canada is bordered by three oceans (Atlantic, Arctic, and Pacific) and has the longest coastline in the world! Speaking of great bodies of water, did you know that Canada is home to over 30,000 lakes? Just the Great Lakes on their own make up 18% of the world’s fresh water! Canada is also home to 10% of the world’s forests and 30% of the world’s boreal forests!

There’s so much in Canada worth exploring! Thankfully, we have tons of national parks and beautiful places open to the public. Not to mention the many exciting cities, friendly people, and breathtaking landscapes across the country!

When we think of travelling, we often think of exotic and exciting places abroad. But Canada is bigger than the entire European Union! Let us be your tour guide through our own backyard.

Made in Canada

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Canadians have contributed a lot to the world! From life-changing inventions, heroic efforts in the World Wars, and culinary masterpieces (I’m looking at you, poutine), Canada has certainly made an impact on the world stage. Still, we have a some deeply personal and only Canadian symbols, like the loonie and the maple leaf.


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It’s the long weekend! Break out your red and white outfits, stick on some temporary tattoos (or let your real maple leaf tattoos show!), and wear the Canadian flag like a cape to show your spirit! You won’t have to travel far to find a great fireworks show in your city. Whether you cosy up with sparklers and a loved one for a patriotic date, take the fam to the festivities, or spend the day with friends, Canada Day is a day that brings us all together.

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