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Build Your Adventure Fund In Three Steps

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Saving money for a trip can feel impossible. But, if you really want to build up your adventure fund, there are a few money-saving tricks you can try. Before you know it, you’ll have saved enough pennies to start your vacation! You don’t need to be rich to go on a trip, making a few changes can really add up.

Step One: Set Goals

Make a savings plan that’s reasonable and do-able – then try to exceed it! Set a goal to contribute a certain amount of money per month to your adventure fund and meet or beat your goal each time.

Step Two: Have An Actual Adventure Fund

Whether this is a bank account or a piggy bank, having a place to put money specifically for travel will make sure you’re not spending it on other things. Seeing the money add up will also keep you motivated to keep adding to it!

Step Three: Make Cuts or Changes To Your Spending

There are lots of cuts and changes you can make that will help you spend money. Although, the important thing with these cuts and changes is to take the money you save and put it in the adventure fund as soon as possible so you don’t spend it on something else. Some ways you can save are:

Skip Your Morning Coffee

Invest in a travel mug and make your coffee at home instead of getting it on your way to work. Take the toonie you’d normally be spending on coffee everyday and drop it in the adventure fund! You’ll be surprised how fast it adds up.

Don’t Buy Lunch

If you’re someone that goes out for lunch regularly, try packing a lunch for work. If you go out for lunch everyday or most days, try cutting it down to once a week. The money you’ll save will quickly get you vacation-ready.

Don’t Buy New

Try not buying anything new for a year. Whether it’s not buying new clothes all together or only buying from thrift stores, you’ll end up saving like crazy. Don’t just stop at clothes! Try not buying new home décor, furniture, appliances, technology, and anything else you have a weak spot for.  Depending how much you shop, this approach might afford you more than one vacation!

Walk, Bike, or Transit More Often

Reducing your car usage can really help you save. Walking, riding a bike, or taking the bus to work will save you lots in gas money. If you need to drive to work, try carpooling. Carpooling is a great option for longer trips as well as everyday work commutes. There are tons of people looking for rides to different cities. So if you’re making a trip from Toronto to Ottawa, there are tons of rideshare groups on Facebook or ads on Kijiji with students and people without vehicles looking to hitch a ride. Why not make some money if you’re going anyway? Drop that extra cash right into the adventure fund!

Sell Some Stuff

Selling things you don’t need is a great way to purge useless items from your home and make some money. Whether it’s a few smaller-ticket items or more expensive sellers, extra money is adventure money!

Reduce Your Bills

Try cutting cable, Netflix, or Spotify for a year. Or, reduce your utility bills by being mindful about your electricity usage, wearing slippers instead of blasting the heat in the winter, and take advantage of the breeze in the summertime instead of pumping the AC.

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