We’re Breaking Out!

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It’s February 2, that means today’s the day we find out whether or not winter’s going to be here to stay or not. There’s already been quite a bit of snow in our neck of the woods, so a lot of us are hoping that spring will come early this year. If that doesn’t happen, it might be time to start thinking about a trip down south!

Back to the start

Groundhog day began as a Pennsylvania German celebration way back the 18th century. Allegedly based off European weather lore – where they used a badger as their forecaster of choice – Groundhog day has grown to be a key midwinter celebration. Today, Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania plays host to the largest annual celebration – drawing in thousands of onlookers each year.

What Groundhog Day means to us

As we embark on the challenge of starting this blog, we look to the famous Bill Murray film for inspiration. While it’s still the early days, we’ve resolved to regularly bring you unique and diverse content. The last thing we want is to be stuck in a rut of uninspired postings on the same topics, day after day after day. With every post, we aim to bring something new to the table – instead of being stuck in a never-ending loop.

So whether it’s business, travel, finance tips, or something else – we’ll make sure there’s something new for you when visiting us at the Continental Current. So stay plugged in for more stories and keep your fingers crossed for an early spring!

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