Gold Rush!

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Could you imagine finding a fortune worth of gold lying on the ground? One lucky man in China did just that. Berek Sawut struck it rich in Xinjiang province recently through a stroke of luck.

Finding a Fortune

Sawut, a herder in the remote western area of China, stumbled upon a gold nugget just lying on the ground. The unrefined gold is believed to be worth about $255,000 USD! The large gold nugget is about 23 x 18 x 8 cm at it’s largest points and it weighs nearly 8kg.

In comparison the largest nugget ever found was  72 kilograms and measured a staggering 61 x 31 cm.

Struck it rich

What’s truly mind boggling is that the nugget was just sitting on the ground. The herder was simply going about his daily routine when he found it. It’s unclear how the nugget got there – or even how long it was sitting on the ground waiting to be found. As long as the fortunate herder gets to keep his prize, he should be set for his most profitable year on record!

Meant to be?

While this may not be a common occurrence, perhaps it shouldn’t be a total surprise. The region of Xinjiang is known for it’s natural resources. Most telling however, the gold was found in the Atlay prefecture. Atlay just happens to be the Mongolian word for gold.

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