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Now Boarding: Girl in the Clouds

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Hello passengers! Please buckle your seatbelts and prepare for departure. I’ll be your guide as we explore the world with the Girl in the Clouds (aka Skye). While the author behind this series will remain anonymous, we’ll explore her globetrotting adventures together here on theCurrent!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a flight attendant? Getting paid to see the world and meet people from different places, being whisked away on adventures every day, and jetting off to new destinations every night is an idea I’ve thought about often and romanticized in my own mind. It sounds liberating, doesn’t it? A hippie of the sky! But, then I remember I’m afraid of flying. My first flight made me sick from all the turbulence and my knuckles white from gripping the arm handle. After the layover of my second flying trip, I boarded a small plane and cried the entire 45-minute flight.

When I heard about the Girl in the Clouds, I was beyond thrilled to read her blog and live vicariously the life of a flight attendant. And let me tell you, it’s everything I imagined! From shopping in Manchester, to sunbathing in Nadi, to exploring caves in Auckland, this girl gets the best lunch hour in the world! I won’t spoil everything, but you can expect a lot of insider tips, food reviews, and wine drinking from the Girl in the Clouds!

Some Things You Should Know About The Author

The Girl in the Clouds wanted to keep her identity anonymous, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get to know her! Here are some things she wanted you to know.

Fun Facts
  • “Proficient at showing you your emergency exits” aka Flight Attendant by occupation
  • Amateur foodie with a passion for trying new dishes and attempting to cook them myself
  • Wannabe sommelier
  • Art history geek
  • Self-aware of my fitness and laziness levels
  • Sports fan
  • MAC lipstick obsession-ist
  • Shopping enthusiast
Favourite Quotes
  1. “Travel isn’t always about discovering new places. Sometimes it’s just about taking time to see the same places with new eyes”
  2. “che sara sara”
  3. “Nothing Ventured; Nothing gained”


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