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Girl in the Clouds Takes on Dublin, Ireland

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Hello passengers! Please buckle your seatbelts and prepare for departure. I’m your flight attendant Skye (aka the Girl in the Clouds). Dublin, here we come!

Vol. 4: Irish I Could Stay in Dublin Forever

Every Irish girl needs to return to her lush green soils every once in a while. Dublin will always feel welcoming to me. I’ve had many layovers and trips to Dublin and it’s one of my favourite cities in the world! 

The atmosphere of Dublin is lively and fun. Whether you’re running around Grafton Street shopping, exploring the grounds of Trinity College, or having a few pints (in my case, Magners is my Irish drink of choice). Temple Bar is a great spot for this. It has a live band and is packed with people full of life and energy to share. A few of my favourite nights out with crews have been in the Temple Bar area. You may hear that Temple Bar is overpriced and ruined by tourists. Well – I assure you it is overpriced, but it’s still worth it for a great experience. However, being the Dublin expert that I am, I also recommend The Quays across the street since it has much better prices on drinks and the better bands (in my opinion). Don’t worry; they all have your Guinness and Jameson ready for you. Fun fact: a night out in Dublin ruined Jameson for me – don’t follow in my footsteps on that one. 

TIP: You won’t just find great live music in the pubs though. Walking through the streets I’ve seen some of the most talented musicians I’ve ever seen in Dublin. 


There are some great one-off/boutique cafes in the streets of Dublin. A recent discovery I made was Mes Amis just outside the Jervis on the north side of the river. At Mes Amis, I had hands-down the best carrot and ginger soup I’ve ever had! It was served with fresh soda bread – not quite the same type I’m used to from my old family’s recipes, but still delicious!

Last Leg

I could go on and on about Dublin – by if I used all my material on one piece you’d probably stop reading 1/3 of the way through simply due to length! Until next time, I’ll continue running my worldwide errands. 

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