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Get Down to Business with FX101

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At theCurrent we’re committed to helping you understand the wide world of foreign exchange and currency. That’s why we’ve brought you FX101 – where we break down different parts of the world of currency to help you become an ‘FXpert’! So follow along and you’ll be up to speed in no time!

What are Primary and Secondary Markets?

Key concepts to understanding the forex market, we break down the difference between both primary and secondary markets. Check out our latest FX101 HERE

Rise and Fall of the Gold Standard

There was a time when the currencies of the world were all backed by gold. See how this began, what it mean for the global economy, and, eventually, how it came to an end HERE.

Currency Speculation

Discover the what, how, pros, and cons of currency speculation with this FX101. How can it impact the global economy and how is it kept in check? Learn more HERE.

Exchange Rate Pegs

An exchange rate peg is when one currency is tied to the value of another country’s currency (or in some cases, a basket of several). Discover why these are used, as well as what the benefits and drawbacks are HERE.

Interest Rates

You might have seen news in the past about a central bank raising or lowering interest rates. But what does this actually mean? We delve into interest rates, the complex relationship with currency exchange, and how it all impacts you HERE.


Learn the ins and outs of CETA – the massive free trade deal between Canada and the EU. What else has to happen before it’s approved, what does it mean for consumers, and much more HERE.


Every year tons of expatriates in Canada send money back to their home countries – to family, friends, or even entire communities. This is known as a remittance! Find out more about what a remittance is, how they work, and who’s sending them where HERE.

Wires and Money Transfers

Wires and money transfers are hugely important in today’s global world. With a trusted partner, you can send funds to almost any country. With this edition of FX101, you’ll learn all about what money transfers are, how they work, and how you can send them wherever you need! Learn all about it HERE.

Restricted Currencies

Sometimes, try as you might, you’ll find some currencies that just aren’t available to be bought or sold. This might be because they fall under the umbrella of restricted currencies. In this FX101 we look at why some currencies might have restrictions on them, which ones to watch out for, and more. Get it all HERE.

What is the Middle Rate?

Middle rate, mid-rate, midpoint rate. These words are thrown around a lot in the foreign exchange business, but what do they actually mean? In this FX101 we explain the basics of the middle rate, how it relates to buy and sell rates, and how it all impacts you when exchanging currency. See what we’re talking about HERE.

What does FX mean?

We can go on and on about FX all day, but what does it actually mean? In this edition of FX101 we discuss the ins and outs of foreign exchange and why it’s important in daily life. Whether for an individual, a family, small business, or multinational corporation, you can see the importance of the FX market every day HERE.

5 Most Traded Currencies

While we deal with all sorts of currencies at Continental, it’s important to remember what the most popular are. These are the most traded currencies in the world, and understanding them is key to understanding the FX market! Read more HERE.

The History of Money

From bartering to debit cards, we recount the entire history of money from the beginning. It’s quite a wild ride as we see who was responsible for the first paper money, what the gold standard meant for the global monetary system, and more HERE.

10 Reasons Currency Exchange Rates Change

If you’re looking for a brief rundown of the foreign exchange market and how it works, this one is for you. We look at why the currencies we know and use are constantly shifting value against each other. See more HERE

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