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Note: We now only accept USD cheques (not all foreign drafts and cheques).

Need to pay a phone bill in the Philippines, a mortgage in Mexico, a credit card from the Caribbean? Want to avoid carrying around large sums of cash for safety reasons? Whatever your needs, when you pay using a foreign draft or cheque purchased through Continental Currency Exchange, you’ll take advantage of our globalized partnerships which bring you more security, better exchange rates, great customer service and savings that only Your Foreign Exchange Experts™ can provide.

What are foreign drafts and cheques?

Foreign drafts and cheques are convenient and safe ways to pay bills, send money and pay for goods and services overseas. Foreign drafts and cheques are generally cheaper than sending currency directly to another country and require less information than wires. They minimize currency exchange fees and avoid bank delays so they are a cheap, fast and reliable option. Foreign drafts and cheques save you the hassle of carrying around large sums of cash, so you can rest assured knowing your hard earned money is safe. 

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We’ll get your money where you want it go quickly and safely – with our guaranteed low prices

Why send foreign drafts and cheques?

Whether for business or personal reasons, there are dozens of reasons you might need to send money to another country. Some of the most popular are:

1. International bill payments (like a credit card or phone bill)

2. Paying an overseas mortgage

3. Tuition payments and other fees for students studying abroad

4. Buying and maintaining foreign real estate

5. Large foreign purchases like planes, boats and cars

6. Sending money as a gift to friends or relatives

7. Safer than carrying around large sums of cash

How can Continental help you?

No hidden or unfair fees

No hidden fees means no unwanted surprises. You’ll save with our transparent low cost, foreign drafts and cheques.

Almost every currency

Our low cost, transparent foreign drafts and cheques are available in almost every currency around the world.

17 Convenient locations

You have the option of choosing from 17 Continental Currency Exchange locations across Ontario open longer, 7 days a week. Find them all HERE.

We’re going Bank to Bank

Our global partnerships ensure safety, security and simplicity as you send you foreign drafts and cheques around the world.

Great Continental discounts

Combine sending foreign drafts and cheques with other great Continental discounts such as the Privilege Card, Student VIP card, Hero Day, and Seniors Day!


What currencies do you offer foreign drafts and cheques in?

We offer foreign drafts in all majors including the British pound, euro, Swedish krona, Norwegian krone, Danish krone, Japanese yen, Australian dollar, New Zealand dollar, and Swiss franc.

What is the advantage of using foreign drafts and cheques?

You can avoid carrying cash on your trip. 

How long will it take for my foreign drafts and cheques to go through?

It might take up to 30 days for a foreign draft (not US or Canadian dollar) to clear.

What information do I need to send foreign drafts and cheques?

The person issuing the cheque must have a foreign account to cash the draft. The longer the account is open the more quickly the draft will clear.

Do you buy back foreign drafts and cheques?

Yes! As long as it is payable to us we will buy it back.

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