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5 reasons why First Class airfare rules

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Everyone likes to save a bit of money – even when travelling. But every once in a while you deserve to have some fun, do something you’ll love, and maybe have a completely self indulgent experience. Here are 5 reasons why you should fly business class on your next trip:

1. Before you board

Prior to boarding as a regular economy passenger, you will wait to check into your flight, traverse the typically long airport terminal, make your way to your busy gate, find an uncomfortable seat to sit in, patiently await your flight to be called, and then enter the long line for boarding. It can be a draining experience, and depending on what time of the year you are travelling, it might even be downright painful.

As a business or first class passenger, you will be greeted immediately at the check-in counter with priority service, potentially saving upwards of an hour or more. Once through security you’ll be given access to a business class lounge, typically providing you with complimentary food, drinks, and the latest global newspapers. So you can sit back, relax, and enjoy all that extra time you saved checking in. Once your flight is ready to board, you’ll be given access to priority boarding, allowing you to skip the line and find your seat first.

2. The food

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When you fly economy, you will be given a small snack or light meal – if you can even call it that. In business class, you will be given access to a menu displaying a wide range of freshly prepared meals, and depending on your flight you might even have a chef on board. These meals consist of quality ingredients, satisfying even the pickiest of palates. While onboard you can expect menu items such as steak, fresh fruit and vegetables, and a delicious dessert. In between meals there is also a constant influx of snacks and munchies coming through the business class cabin – complimentary of course.

3. The service

Greeted with a drink on takeoff, a warm washcloth before you eat, and staff who take the time to walk through the cabin and greet you by name, business class airfare takes service to cloud-9. One of the most recommended tips while traveling is that you need to remain hydrated. In business class this won’t be an issue. Prior to even finishing your drink, they should have already come around and asked you for another. No matter what your needs, they will work hard ensuring you are satisfied.

4. The luxury

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Stretch, sprawl out, catch some Z’s, it doesn’t matter. In business class you will have space galore. On the longer flights of 3-4 hours or more, you might even have luxuries such as a bed, a shower, and a bar to sit at and relax. With the added benefit of having nearly twice the space around you – and unparalleled leg and lounge room – these seats were made to be enjoyed any way you want. Just make sure you remember to get off the flight once it’s over.

5. The innovation

In the competitive market of air travel, business class is the section getting the most attention. Airlines are driving business by appealing to those not just looking for a flight, but an experience. Beds, showers, bars, and large screen HD personal media centres are all a result of this race for the perfect client attracting setup.

You can expect this trend to keep going as the airplanes get bigger, and more and more people start seeing the benefits of arriving at your destination more relaxed than when you left. If you want to experience the latest and greatest in air travel, look no further than the First Class and Business class airfare of most international airlines such as Air Canada, Emirates, and Etihad Airways.

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