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Family Vacations You Will Never Forget

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Planning a vacation that your whole family will enjoy is tough, especially when there are so many cliché trips out there (sorry not sorry, Disney) and so many different interests amongst family members. Plan unique family vacations as unique as your family! Here are some ideas.

SEE Turtles Family Trip

Family Vacation Sea Turtle

SEE Turtles is a company that offers educational trips for the conservationist family. They have four different trip options in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Cuba, and Belize. Families learn about sea turtles, do hands-on research and give aid to the amazing endangered animals. From helping hatchlings find the ocean, to rehoming eggs to safer places, to exploring the other wildlife and culture in the area, this meaningful vacation is one your family will never forget! Learn, discover, and make a difference in the environment together.

Stay in a treehouse

Family Vacation Treehouse

Sometimes, it is about the destination instead of the journey. A fun hotel, campground, or rental suite can make a huge difference in a family trip – and a bad one can make or break the experience. There are so many unique places to stay (if you know where to look). You can check Airbnb for some truly interesting accommodations (including but not limited to hobbit holes, tiny homes, and tree houses). Or, find a specific treehouse resort, like Out’n’About Treehouse Treesort in Oregon, where you and your family can stay in a luxurious treehouse and go zip lining, swimming, horseback riding, rafting, or get pampered with “massage theratree” at the spa – all on site!

Road Trip

Road Trip Family Vacation

What’s something your family will all love? Take a road trip across the States to hit up all the tallest rollercoasters, the best water parks, or the most scenic hikes. Or, just road trip to the best/tallest/most scenic place. Whatever your family is in to! When I was a kid, my family loved amusement parks and rollercoasters. We always wanted to go to Cedar Point in Ohio to ride Top Thrill Dragster. You can camp and find fun things to do along the way. In this case, it is about the journey!

Visit Harry Potter World in London

Family Vacation Hogwarts Harry Potter World

Okay, this one is a little cliché, but since it’s overseas it gets a pass. For any family who loves Harry Potter, the Warner Bros Studio in London is the perfect family vacation destination. Explore the Wizarding World, learn about the filmmaking magic, props, and sets that brought Harry to life, buy authentic merch, ride the Hogwarts Express and participate in the events and shows that happen every day. And, there’s the rest of London to explore afterwards!

Explore Alaska

Family Vacation Alaska Cruise

There’s no better time to visit Alaska than the summertime. To save money, you can take a ferry from British Columbia to Alaska. The trip takes about two days. You can pay for a berth or bring a tent and camp for free on the heated deck. This experience alone qualifies as a unique family vacation! Once you’re there, you’ll find no limit to the outdoor adventures Alaska offers. Hike and climb a glacier, go kayaking around icebergs or whitewater rafting, go snorkeling, nature watching (you’re likely to see some whales on the ferry and grizzly bears fishing for salmon near the rivers), and if you time it right, you could see the northern lights as well! For the adventure family, Alaska is the perfect place for a visit!

Relax at a family-friendly resort in Jamaica

Family Vacation Jamaica Beach

Jamaica has several family-oriented resorts like Half Moon that tailor events for every family, offer nanny services and lots of fun family activities. Go horseback riding, group scuba diving, sailing, wakeboarding, and sunbathing on the beach as a family. But, family vacations aren’t just for the kids! After a day of family activities, leave the kids with a nanny or at the Children’s Village and head out for a romantic dinner with your partner. Tropical vacations aren’t just perfect for winter getaways! Since summer is the off-season for tourism, it’s cheaper to visit Jamaica in the summer. And, if you like seafood, lobster season starts July 1st. Since it is hurricane season, make sure you book with a company that offers cancellation insurance. Otherwise, pack your bathing suit and sunglasses for a fun and relaxing family vacation.

Visit Santa’s Village

Family Vacation Santa's Village

Christmas in July? Yes please! Check out Santa’s Village in Jefferson, New Hampshire for a fun (and somewhat ironic) family vacation. Nothing brings the family together like Christmas, so why not bond like you do in December this summer? Santa’s Village has sweet rides (all Christmas themed like the “Chimney Drop”), reindeer, elf, and Santa meet and greets, movies, light shows, shopping, and three water parks to cool off at. You can get a campsite, cabin, or suite right in the village, or stay in a hotel nearby.

Dinosaur Dig Trip

Family Vacation Dinosaur Dig

For the dinosaur-loving family and budding paleontologists, a dinosaur dig is the perfect family vacation. There are several sites and tours in the U.S. and Canada to choose from (why not hit a few different ones?) Located in the Rocky Mountains, Yellowstone Park is an ideal site for some scenic views, excellent camping and hiking, and dinosaur bones! Discover the Montana Dinosaur Trail and explore the many museums dedicated to dinosaurs!

The key to any great family vacation is to centre it around what your family loves. Whether you’re an outdoor adventure family, a thrill-seeking family, an animal-loving family, there’s something out there for everyone. Whatever you do, make sure to enjoy family time together this summer!

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