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Extreme Festivals Worth Travelling For

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As we approach the summer festival season, we wanted to take a look at some of the most extreme festivals around the world. With tons of wild options, there are plenty worth travelling for!


Located in Tankwa Karoo, South Africa, AfrikaBurn is a spectacular festival full of art, costumes, music, and performance. This desert festival is unlike any other! Prepare to play games, dance all day, and rock out at this extreme music festival. It’s been compared to Burning Man, but according to their website; “for those that have been no explanation is necessary, for those that haven’t none is possible.” This extreme festival should be on any festival junkie’s bucket-list.

Træna Festival

Just getting to Træna Festival is an extreme adventure. Located in the municipality of Træna in Nordland county, Norway on the islands of Husøya and Sanna, Træna Festival is only accessible by a three-hour ferry. Once you’re there, the unique venues add to the adventure; party in caves, tents, converted churches and chapels, and the streets for a wild festival. The festival happens July 11th to 14th – and the best part of this time of year in Norway is the sunset – or rather, lack of sunset. The sun shines for 23 hours a day! “Partying all day” has a new meaning at this extreme festival!

International Highline Meeting Festival

This festival takes you to new heights! Designed for highline enthusiasts to meet in a non-competitive way, festival goers hangout in colourful hammocks… suspended hundreds of feet off the ground. Located in Monte Piana, Italy, the suspended festival goers have a view of the Sexten Dolomites like no other. In addition to hanging out in the sky, the festival offers yoga, music, outdoor movies, and of course, a dance party at night. Since it’s mostly relaxing in a hammock, the International Highline Meeting Festival is probably the most chill extreme festival out there!

SinChon Water Gun Festival

Yep, you read that right. Every year, the streets of Sinchon (a college student dominated area in Seoul, South Korea), are shut down for a parade and a huge water gun fight. The festival lasts two days, each day starts with a wild opening ceremony that could include water concerts and performances, a water gun wedding, and other shenanigans. Then, the water fight starts, a DJ starts blasting music, and a huge waterslide opens. There’s a separate area for children and family, so everyone can enjoy the fun! This is one extreme festival that will release your inner child and have a blast!

Golden Retriever Festival

Okay, the only thing extreme about this festival is how extremely cute it is! The Golden Retriever Club of Scotland hosts a ‘Guisachan Gathering’ every summer. This festival celebrates the Golden Retriever breed which is native to the Highlands. Last year, more than 350 goldens were present in a record-breaking gathering for the breed’s 150th anniversary. In addition to a gathering of goldens, the event is a dog show you can watch. Think you can handle the cuteness overload of this extreme festival?

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