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Extreme Adventures Are Just Better On Vacation!

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What is it about a vacation that makes us seek out even more adventure? Everyone knows someone who would never go skydiving locally, but is willing to jump out of a plane while on vacation – even with potentially lower safety standards and lack of instruction – many vacationers agree: extreme adventures are better abroad. Here are a few reasons why:

Because FOMO

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Ah, the fear of missing out – it plagues us all sometimes. When you’ve already spent so much money on your vacation, it’s only fair you make the most of it, right? Vacationers are able to rationalize an extreme adventure because it’s combining two great stories; doing something new and crazy somewhere new and exciting (Dude, how many other chances are you going to have to go bungee jumping in Mexico?)

In addition, peer pressure may come into effect here. Since you’re on vacation, you’re more likely to stick with your travel companions – and are you really going to go with them to the zipline and not join them? When all your friends are doing it in front of you, the fear of missing out on such a great story is too strong to pass up.

Because YOLO

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Whether it’s spending extra money, telling secrets to a stranger at your resort, getting a spontaneous tattoo, or participating in an extreme activity, people on vacation are more likely to let loose and take risks. Vacation has a way of making you want to live life to the fullest, because… you only live once.

Because It’s Extremely Cool

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While vacations should always include some element of relaxation, travel is about seeing the world. No one really wants to spend their whole vacation tanning on the beach. There’s no better time to explore the world than while on vacation – and there’s no better way to get a new, exciting outlook of a place than with an extreme adventure. Whether it’s a safari that lets you get close to wild animals or taking a helicopter ride in the sky to get a new perspective, extreme adventures certainly give you a new (and cool) outlook.

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