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8 Reasons Snowbirds Escape Winter

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We’re all familiar with the common phenomenon here in Canada where some of us migrate south for the winter… we’re talking about snowbirds, of course! There are tons of reasons why escaping winter is a great idea, here are some of our top incentives:

Escaping the cold

Snowbirds escape cold

This one is pretty obvious. Leaving Canada’s frigid temperatures for a more forgiving climate is probably the number one reason for snowbirds. Many snowbirds are retirees and seniors, so leaving the cold behind means leaving cold-related arthritis aches behind too.

Having a tan year-round

Snowbirds tanning

Who doesn’t love soaking up some vitamin D? Aside from a nice, healthy glow, people who get enough sunlight are less prone to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), depression, high blood pressure, and so much more!

Escaping the snow

Snowbirds avoid shoveling snow

Leaving the snow means no shovelling, no scraping off your car in the morning, and no slipping and falling hazards.

No winter driving

snowbirds avoid winter driving

Everyone hates driving in snow, ice, and/or slush – especially when it’s falling relentlessly faster than your windshield wipers can clear. No spinning out, no dirty, slushy cars, and no winter wear and tear on your vehicle. Goodbye, winter driving!

No runny noses

snowbirds avoid cough and cold

Without the cold, you’re less likely to get a cold! Skip the cold, cough, and flu season and become a snowbird for your health.

Save on heating costs

Snowbirds heating cost thermostat

Being away all winter means you’ll be conserving energy and you won’t be afraid of your winter heating and hydro bills! Plus, you won’t be fighting with your partner or family over the thermostat settings.

No bulky clothes

snowbirds winter coats

Who actually likes wearing those bulky parkas, winter boots, and mittens? No one! Winter fashion is often a waste in Canada because it gets covered in all those layers!

Unlimited outdoor exercise and activity

snowbird beach yoga

If the gym isn’t for you, and you love walking, biking, and hiking outdoors, you don’t have to stop in the winter if you’ve escaped the snow!

You still get Canada at its best

snowbirds canada's best

Snowbirds still experience Canada’s hot, gorgeous summers, the magnificent leaves in the fall, and the green buds of spring. And, since many snowbirds don’t leave until after Christmas, they still get a couple months of winter – plenty of time to ski or snowshoe and enjoy winter while the novelty is still fresh!

Canadian winters can last what feels like years. Escaping winter for a few months might be exactly what you need to survive the long cold.

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