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Dream vacation: Romantic trip to Jönköping, Sweden

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Move over Paris, Jönköping is the new city of love.  Located on the south-eastern tip of Lake Vättern, with two additional lakes in the interior (Lake Munksjön and Lake Rocksjön), this city has been at the centre of my wanderlust for months now…especially because it’s the perfect location for several romantic summer dates!

Rosenlunds Rosarium

Imagine walking hand-in-hand through a rose park located on Rosenlund Manor with your significant other. The sun is warm on your skin, while more than 500 different types of roses surround you and your date.  You see ground, climbing, shrub, wild, and processed roses.  There are nameplates beneath them for your flower education.  The many beautiful areas are often scent-themed, with the changing aromas filling your nose as you walk through the gardens.  In addition to the romantic roses, there are many trees flanking entrances and pathways, lily ponds, Peony Avenue, and other flowers all around you.  Of course, there are several benches to rest and steal a kiss.  

Vätterstranden (the beach)

The beach of Lake Vättern is two kilometres long and located in the middle of the city.  The crystal-clear water makes the perfect backdrop to a romantic walk along the beach.  It’s mostly sandy, but pebbly in some parts.  There are several nice places to stop along the lake to enjoy an intimate picnic.  Locals and tourists also enjoy playing basketball, beach volleyball, and of course, sunbathing.  If you’re brave enough to face the cold water, you can also go for a (skinny) dip in the lake!

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Polkagris in Gränna

Granna is located about 40 kilometres away from of Jönköping, and is known predominantly for its polkagris (peppermint rock) stick candy.  You can buy toffee, lollipops, cream caramels, and of course, polkagris in the many candy shops.  The shops have “how it’s made” displays for customers to look into the kitchens and watch as the sweet-makers forge the candies before your eyes.  Granna is the perfect place for couples to reconnect with their inner children and enjoy a sugar rush.


Visingsö is an island north of Jönköping.  A ferry in Gränna awaits to chauffeur you and your date to the island where you can see castle ruins and gardens.  You can enjoy a leisurely walk or bike around the island if you desire.  Or, take a horse and buggy for a guided tour around the island.


Jönköping is incredibly bike and pedestrian friendly so you don’t need a vehicle to explore.  The eastern half of the city centre is where over 200 stores and boutiques await you and your significant other.  Walking around the shops arm-in-arm before stopping for a dinner date is sure to be something you can both enjoy.

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Stadsparken is one of Jönköping’s most well-known attractions.  The park is within walking distance from the city centre and is a beautiful getaway to nature.  In Stadsparken, you can play mini-golf, go to the bird museum, visit the petting zoo, feed ducks at the pond, catch a football game, and more.  The park contains many facilities and services but also is home to unspoiled nature.  Ten of the paths are named after famous Swedish women.  You can also walk through the open-air museum and see over ten historic buildings and structures.  Stadsparken offers a blend of urban facilities, environmental and historic activities.  It’s a wonderful spot for a scenic picnic, cultural education, outdoor and indoor games.  The opportunities are endless!

Canoe or kayak

Rent a double kayak or canoe at the Jönköping harbor and go out for a paddle date.  Change your perspective of the city with a different angle from the water.  It is easy to paddle from Lake Vättern to Lake Munksjön and to the additional creeks for a whole day of adventure.

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The Pier

The largest bench in Sweden is located on Jönköping’s famous pier which looks out onto Lake Vättern.  After dinner, it’s the perfect place to have dessert.  You can buy ice cream and snuggle up to watch the reflective water change colours with the setting sun.

Written by Megan Cary

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