Saviours of the Caribbean

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Move aside pirates, Disney is making waves and saving lives!

Who says cruise ships are just for leisure anymore? Turns out these floating resorts can also pitch in when someone’s in need. Recently, in the span of a couple weeks, a ship in the Disney Cruise Line was responsible for the amazing rescue of people caught in the Caribbean Sea – not once, but twice!

First, a tourist fell off of a cruise ship into the sea about 8 miles from the coast of Cozumel, Mexico. Luckily, the Disney Magic happened to be sailing the same course.  Someone aboard the cruise ship saw the lucky man. The ship was then able to lower a raft and bring him aboard for medical attention. Fortunately for the man overboard, he had his fairy godmother looking out for him.

2 rescues in 2 weeks by Disney cruise ships

If that wasn’t enough, the Disney Magic (again) came to the rescue of someone else about 2 weeks later. This time the cruise ship came across 5 Cuban nationals adrift in a their own home made raft. The raft, rigged together using mostly oil drums and metal bars, was found about 23 miles off the coast of Cuba. According to a source on the cruise ship, the rafters had spent 3 whole days aboard their vessel.

It seems that Disney has been making a habit of plucking people from the sea. 2 years ago, 5 migrant workers were rescued in a raft off the coast of the Florida Keys. While it certainly helps to have a benevolent force of good prowling the seas, we must advise against strapping together a few logs or barrels and hitting the seas with a taste for adventure. Regardless, we’re just glad everyone was safely found and brought back to land in time to avoid a tragedy.

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