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Currency Exchange in Toronto

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Planning to travel to foreign country can be an exciting and hectic experience. No wonder so many people forget to exchange their currency ahead of time. Credit and debit cards are not always accepted abroad and when they are accepted you may find yourself slapped with hidden fees and unfair exchange rates.

Buying your currency before leaving should be part of every traveller’s to do list. It is always good to have some cash on hand in the proper currency just in case you need to buy something, take a cab or leave a tip.

Toronto Currency Exchange is now easier than ever before. Continental Currency has 17 locations across Ontario and new online ordering (FXtoGO).

Why Exchange Currency Before You Fly

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Before you hit the airport, you will want to exchange your currency at the right place and time in order to get the best rates. Getting the best rate means getting as close to the mid-marketrate as possible. The further away from the rate, the costlier the exchange will be.

Airport and foreign currency exchangers often set their rates far above the mid-market rate (meaning more profit for them and less savings for you) to take advantage of last minute travellers rushing to get to their destination. That’s why it is important to compare rates and buy your currency from a currency exchange in Toronto, Oshawa, Sudbury or any one of CCE’s other 17 locations.

The Difference in Exchange Rates at the Airports

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This means that before you head out to the airport, it is far better to find a safe, reliable currency exchange business that offers excellent services and years of experience in the field. While this seemingly takes a bit more time, in reality it is far better to get your currency exchanged ahead of time rather than waiting until the last minute at the airport where you will pay far higher rates and service fees.

Buying your currency ahead of time doesn’t have to be a hassle or time consuming. CCE now offers a range of services to make exchanging currency easier and faster than ever before. Online ordering for pickup or delivery (coming soon!), locations across Ontario and longer hours mean that exchanging your currency is easier than ever. So you don’t have to wait until you get to the airport or your destination, and you don’t have to drive for hours just to find a currency exchange in Toronto – order your currency straight to your door.

While it pays to diversify the number of ways that you can make payments so you won’t be caught shorthanded, having the foreign currency on you when arriving at the airport will save a considerable amount of trouble.

Buying currency ahead of time allows you to concentrate on planning and enjoying your trip. Buying your currency from Continental Currency Exchange guarantees you the lowest rates, great service and access to other fantastic travel resources.

Why CCE offers the Best Rates

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When it comes to finding the best exchange rates in Toronto, Continental Currency Exchange is the place to go.

Easy to Use: One of the hallmarks in CCE’s approach to currency exchange is making it as easy as possible for customers to select and understand the process itself.

Rate Watch: Follow and track exchange rates on CCE’s website with the FREE Rate Watch app. You will even be alerted when the currency exchange rate reaches a point that you desire. This particular service offers SMS and email alerts to keep you notified so that you can take action quickly in order to take advantage of the new rates.

Currency Converter: Along with Rate Watch is a FREE currency converter. This means that at any time you can check on the current conversion rate and make the best informed decision about when to purchase foreign currency.

Low Service Fees: When you compare the rates that Continental offers to other currency exchange in Toronto there is big difference in the service fees. This is a common tactic with many companies that might offer a low exchange rate, but they will hit you with larger than normal service fees in order to make up the difference. CCE believes in making its profit by offering substantial discounts to as wide a range of customers as possible in order to keep the rates and service fees lower.

Additional Services: In addition to offering the best in currency exchange rates, Continental Currency Exchange also offers you the ability to purchase foreign bank drafts and send wires.

Foreign bank drafts make all of your foreign currency transactions easier. Plus, they are a very secure form of international payment that are accepted all around the world. This means that you can put your trust in CCE when it comes to delivering safe wire and money transfers at low, affordable rates that will bring you more peace of mind.

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