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Five Currencies You Need to Have in 2019

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Currency rates are notoriously volatile; and while rate of exchange is definitely one thing you want to consider when buying currency – so too are the places you can spend it. With that in mind, check out five currencies you need in 2019!

1. Euro

As well as being among the most traded currencies on the market and a major reserve currency, the euro is also one of the most useful when it comes to travel. Some of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet use the euro: France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and Germany for starters, along with 20 other countries in Europe.  

But the euro is not confined to Europe proper. Many of the overseas territories of European states are also considered part of the European Union, and a number of these use the euro as a result. Martinique, Reunion, Madeira and the Canary Islands all fit into this category.

Consider the fact that the euro is accepted in a good many more countries on top of those already mentioned, and it’s easy to see why the euro takes the number one slot on our list!  

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2. United States Dollar

Second on our list comes the US dollar! As the world’s foremost reserve currency, and status as one of the most traded currencies, the USD is undoubtedly a heavyweight on the FOREX stage. Far more than just a facilitator of international trade though; the dollar is, after the euro, one of the most widely used and accepted currencies on Earth.

Including the United States, five sovereign nations use the dollar as their sole currency, and this number is supplemented by five US territories, two British Overseas Territories, three Special Municipalities of the Netherlands, as well as all the other countries that use it unofficially or alongside their own.

With all this in mind, the USD is definitely a currency to have in your pocket in 2019.

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3. British Pound

With all of the uncertainty in the wake of the Brexit vote, the pound sterling has had a rough couple of years. But even with this upset, the GBP remains one of the favourite currencies for trading and reserves alike. If anything, the drop in value has only made the UK even more desirable as a tourist destination.

Gone (for now at least) are the days of the 2:1; and as the pound is accepted throughout Britain’s Overseas Territories as well, the GBP stands at number three on our list as a currency to have on hand in 2019.

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4. South African Rand

The rand, despite its vulnerability to global uncertainty and the market for South Africa’s gold exports, was one of the strongest performers against the US dollar from 2014 to 2017. This strength admittedly took a significant hit in 2018, but the currency – accepted not only in South Africa but throughout the Common Monetary Area encompassing South Africa, Lesotho, eSwatini (Swaziland) and Namibia, as well as in Zimbabwe – remains one of the most dynamic on the African continent.

The rand will cover you in three of Africa’s best safari countries. That, coupled with the fact that its decline only makes a trip to the “Cradle of Humanity” more affordable, makes the ZAR a currency worth having in our book.

5. Japanese Yen

The Japanese yen was one of the highest performing currencies in 2018, and it was the only currency to actually appreciate against the USD last year. While this point means buying JPY is a slightly more expensive prospect than usual, the yen is slated to rise still further. So whether you’re looking to dip your toe into the FOREX game, or have been dreaming of a trip to Japan for ages, buy now, because JPY finishes off our list at fifth.

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