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Combating the “Your Bills Are Fake” Scam

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While there are many currency and tourist scams to look out for, exchanging at Continental before your trip can help you combat the “your bills are fake” scam. Essentially, this scam convinces you that your bills are counterfeit and fake or corrupt security or police confiscate your “fake” bills. However, you won’t be a victim of this scam! You exchanged with Continental ahead of time and we guarantee that our notes and coins are real. If this happens to you, do not under any circumstances give up your money. Call and wait for the real authorities to arrive.

Our Promise

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As Your Foreign Exchange Experts™, we are professionals (literally) at spotting fake bills. We will never let a fake bill go undetected (coming in or going out) so you can rest assured that you won’t get a fake bill from us. Our bills are always real, valid, and in good condition.

Other Reasons to Exchange Before Your Trip

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Aside from making sure you get real bills at the best price, there are other benefits from exchanging your money before your vacation. In fact, we recommend you buy your currency as early as possible. Avoiding other scams (like being short-changed, handed back fake bills instead of real ones, given real currency from the wrong country, or given otherwise invalid currency) is easy if you’re familiar with the currency. Don’t just get your currency and pack it away. Play with it. Memorize the texture, length, width, and height of the notes and the weight of the coins. Practice making change and counting your money. Some currencies seem very different than ours with different denominations and rules. So, it’s important to arm yourself with the knowledge and familiarization of the currency so you don’t get scammed.

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