coolest lakes in latin america

Top 5 Coolest Lakes in Latin America

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From the expansive to the wholly unique, we’ve gone down south of the US to find the top 5 coolest lakes in Latin America. They might not all be beautiful, but we’re willing to bet they’ll leave a lasting impression!

1. Lake Nicaragua

volcano in the middle of lake nicaragua

The largest lake in Central America, Lake Nicaragua is known indigenously by the name Cocibolca, and in Spanish as Mar Dulce. The lake is thought by many to be the most dominating feature in the country with an area spanning nearly 8,200 square kilometers. I think we might just have to agree. Fun fact for those of you that enjoy exploring under the water: Lake Nicaragua is the only freshwater lake to house oceanic life including sharks, swordfish, and tarpon.

2. Lake Titicaca

town on the shores of lake titicaca

According to Andean belief, Lake Titicaca is the birthplace of the sun. Located in Peru, it boasts the honour of being the highest navigable waterway in the world. Today the region that houses the lake is home to a mixture of crumbling ancient structures, rolling hills and high Andean peaks. The region is also noted for being a destination for native celebrations and festivals throughout the year.

3. Laguna Colorada

blood red water of laguna colorada

Laguna Colorada, found in Bolivia, may not be for the faint of heart or the squeamish. The blood red colour of the water is the result of a unique species of algae found in the lake. You may also feel as if you have taken a trip to outer space, as the lake is dotted with uniquely shaped white islands. If the martian landscape and blood red water wasn’t enough, pink flamingos can also be seen wading blissfully in this one of a kind surreal location.

4. Lake Pehoé

mountains reflecting in blue lake

Located in Chilean Patagonia, this beautiful lake earns a spot on this list thanks to its turquoise water and picturesque surroundings. Steep peaks, waterfalls, an abundance of hiking opportunities and ample wildlife dominate the region with Lake Pehoé at the heart. It’s truly a sight to behold and a highlight of one of the most awe-inspiring areas on earth. Put it on the agenda for your next trip… you’ll see what we’re talking about!

5. Boiling Lake

boiling hot spring with steam coming out

Located in Dominica, Boiling Lake isn’t like most of the others on this list. Instead of a beautiful, expansive body of water set in a photogenic location, we have a flooded fumarole (opening in the crust) that is actually the world’s second largest hot spring. As you might guess from the name, the lake is hot… and we mean hot! Usually found between 82-92 °C on the edge (with the centre actually boiling), casual dips are not recommended. In addition, the constant vapor emitting from the water helps to create a truly unique and unforgettable natural wonder.

We hope you enjoyed your trip to the 5 coolest lakes in Latin America. Keep checking back for more stories as we continue to travel the world!

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