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Continental: Working Green!

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At Continental, we try to do our part to stay green at work. Environmentalism is important to us (that’s why it’s our theme this month!). We try to promote environmentally-friendly living and working by providing content and tips for personal use, as well as keeping our workplaces green. Here are some of the ways we strive to help the environment (that you can take part in too)!

Email Receipts

Everyone who makes an exchange at Continental has the option of an email receipt rather than a paper one. We’ll still give you the paper one if you want it, but we can save a lot of trees by emailing them out instead. With this initiative, we have reduced the size of our receipts by as much as 50% – which means we’re saving up to six inches on a single transaction receipt. Six inches may not seem like a lot, but it certainly adds up after millions of transactions. That means we’ve saved millions of feet of receipt paper. And, we’re still pushing to do better!

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Digital Privilege Card

Rather than giving out plastic cards, customers have the option of skipping the plastic and using their phone number instead. Your membership is completely digitized so there’s no need to create more plastic. Plus, you won’t have to worry about forgetting your card at home!

Currency Converter and Rate Watch

Continental’s free, online Rate Watch and Currency Converter is a digital tool that allows you to compare, track, and convert foreign currency. This allows you to forego the usual currency conversion chart print-out and save the paper.

Recycled and Saved Paper

We use recycled paper as much as possible in our offices; for our brochures, flyers, posters, and more. We try to save paper wherever possible, many of our employees have email signatures that include a note like “Save a tree…pls don’t print this e-mail unless necessary.” When we do have to print anything, we make sure it’s properly recycled.

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Lights Out

At the end of every day, we go full blackout by shutting down computers and screens and turning off all the lights. We often do this before the mall is fully closed and nothing gets turned back on until our branch opens the next day. This helps us conserve tons of energy.

Eco-friendly Servers

We have moved all our servers and hosting to eco-friendly providers. In doing so, we hold ourselves and the partners we do business with accountable for environmentally-friendly workspaces.

While individual conservation efforts certainly help, it is businesses and corporations that have the chance to make larger-scale changes. At Continental, we try to be a leader in working green. We hope that other businesses can do the same and that we can continue to improve!

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