Continental Innovators: Alfredo Moser

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Innovation is (almost) as important to us as our clients. To show our appreciation for amazing innovators, each week we showcase those who inspire us to think outside the box and keep aiming higher. This week we’re highlighting Alfred Moser.

Who is Alfred Moser?

Alfredo Moser doesn’t have an instantly recognisable name in Canada. In fact, even though he has transformed the lives of countless people around the world, this humble hero has remained largely anonymous.

Moser is a Brazilian mechanic born in Uberaba, Minas Gerais in Brazil. One day in 2002 during one of Brazils frequent power outages he began developing an idea that would change the world. Moser describes his invention as “divine light” but most people know it simply as a Moser Lamp.

What is a Moser Lamp?

The Moser Lamp is a low cost, highly accessible way to light a home using only a hole, some water and a plastic bottle. The idea is simple enough. Start with a clear 2 litre plastic bottle. Next fill it up with water, and then add just a touch of bleach to kill any algae or bacteria, then twist it shut and glue on a black cap. Finally, cut a hole big enough to fit the bottle into the roof, place the bottle into the hole and seal it shut.

When light from the sun hits the bottle the water refracts the light, spreading it throughout the room. Moser’s lamps shines with the power of a 60 watt bulb and are open-source, meaning that they are not patented so anyone can legally build their own. They are non carbon emitting, don’t require electricity and can be built and installed with little prior knowledge. Building, installing and running Moser lights costs practically nothing.

Moser lamps provide light during the day to families that might not otherwise be able to afford electric lights. Even those who can afford lights stand to save a significant amount on their energy bill. While the cost of powering a single light may not seem that great to us in Canada, across the developing world it can make a huge difference.

Shedding light on the developing world

After installing Moser Lamps in his own workspace Alfredo spread them throughout his local community. Word spread quickly and the lamps have since spread to Kenya, India, Argentina, Fiji, the Philippines, and dozens of other countries across the world.

The spread of his invention has been helped by dozens of charities that have adopted it. The charity ‘Liter of Light’ has dedicated itself to spreading Moser Lamps across the world. They hope to light a million homes by the end of 2015.

A true innovator

Alfredo Moser is a true innovator. Moser took low cost everyday materials – a two litre bottle, water and bleach – and started a revolution. He has made almost no money from the Moser Lamp but takes huge pride in it. His inventiveness proves that sometimes all it takes is an innovative approach to change the world.

We would like to salute Alfredo Moser. His innovating spirit, drive and humility make him a true Continental Innovator. People like Alfredo inspire us to constantly improve our range of products and features – always with the goal of making your life easier. Like Alfredo we seek to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

 Cover Photo: Alfredo Moser and his ‘Moser Lamp’ Via