Join Us in Making this Earth Day a Little Greener!

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Earth Day is almost here! On April 22nd, people from all over the world are going to take some time out of their busy days to help make the future brighter – and greener! At Continental Currency Exchange we strongly believe in the importance of the environmental movement. For years we’ve been making ourselves more environmentally friendly, whether it was a change to recycled paper or switching to digital transactions, every year we find new ways to reduce our carbon footprint and help eliminate our waste! This year to show our commitment, we’re introducing the Continental Green initiative across all of our branches and we’re inviting you to take part! It involves making changes, picking up trash, and most importantly planting trees to help grow a greener tomorrow!

Why Continental Green?

With Continental Green we hope to make our world a little, well… greener! First of all, we’ll make a visible difference in our branches and local communities immediately by picking up trash and recycling, improving company procedures, and by going outside and planting trees. Even more importantly however, we hope to get everyone involved and thinking about what they can do to create a better future. Read on to learn more about what Earth Day means to us and how you can be a part of the difference.


Cleaning up our community

First and foremost, we want to do our part to clean up our local communities. All available Continental staff will be out picking up trash and recycling throughout the province. We have some of the most beautiful lakes and rivers here in Ontario, so we’ll be making an extra effort to keep the shores free of waste! Remember, litter isn’t just a problem on Earth Day – every day of the year we should all make an effort to throw away or recycle waste in its appropriate place.

Getting our hands dirty

Cleaning up is a great way to help out, but we also want to make a lasting impression this Earth Day. Every Continental branch will escape to the outdoors in order to plant trees! While we’re sure hoping for a sunny day, we’ll be out there rain or shine. From small saplings, we can watch our contribution grow and make our community just a little bit greener!

What you missed

We’ve already been busy in the Hamilton/Burlington area and Markham planting trees. Let us know if you noticed some of our handiwork! The other branches will be joining in on the fun this Wednesday, so there’s still plenty of time to get involved.


Going Forward

A major part of Continental Green is to reflect on the ways our future actions will affect the environment. We’ll be posting signs to promote the green mentality and green lifestyle. We’ll also be sure to use recyclable paper in all of our branches as well as reduce our energy output. Take this time to think about what is really necessary and cut back if you can! If we all make an effort, we can make a real difference starting today!

Get involved

We’ll be out all day and we’d love for you to join us! Speak to any staff member at your local branch to find out how and where you can get involved tomorrow. Together, we can make our community a little greener!


Get involved today!

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