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Accents from Around the World

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April Fool’s! You can check out our linguistic shenanigans below.

Over the years, we’ve always prided ourselves on being Your Foreign Exchange Experts™. Well now, we’re prepared to take that one step further! Today only, when you purchase a foreign currency at any of our branches, our experienced staff will converse in the accent of the country in question.

Why the change?

It has always been our mission to broaden the horizons of Canadians, whether through great currency-related services or helping to plan your next vacation. But why should you have to wait until you’re overseas to start exploring? With this new policy, your getaway will begin from the moment you walk into a branch! We hope this will be part of a more authentic foreign exchange experience and we can’t wait for you to experience it.

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No matter where you’re going…we’ll be there!

Whether you’re purchasing British pounds (ello guv’nor!), euros (…okay, that’s a lot of options), or anything else, we’ll be there to transport you to your chosen destination. We know this may sound like an unusual initiative, but we have always prided ourselves on being at the forefront of the currency exchange business – and this is just our way of showing it!

Bear with us!

We humbly ask that you cut us some slack as we work to meet your order and sociolinguistic experience. With over 160 currencies on offer, that’s a lot of accents to master (they will, of course, all be performed with the utmost respect). We hope you pay us a visit today, since we can’t wait to share this special project with everyone!

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Find your nearest Continental branch. There might be 19 across Ontario, but each one will transport you around the world! You can also order online at FXtoGO.*

*We are in the process of implementing an anthropomorphic banknote on our FXtoGO platform that changes currencies and accents as you order! Note that as this system is fine-tuned, it could pop up considerably more times than intended/needed.

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