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Christmas Gifts to Give Travellers

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Frequent travellers can be difficult to shop for since they’re always on the go and tend to live more minimally. So, what do you get someone whose wish-list only includes expensive plane tickets or cruises?

Accommodations Gift Card

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Many hotels, including Airbnb, allow you to buy gift cards or credit. A gift card for accommodations would be really helpful in paying for their trip without, you know, paying for their trip. Think of it as upgrading their stay from a hostel to a hotel!

Mini Drone

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Many travellers love taking pictures and documenting their trips. Chances are, they already have a decent camera. However, a mini drone is compact enough to be practical and adds an extra layer to their photo adventure!

Battery Packs/Batter phone case

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Every traveller should have at least one rechargeable battery block. They’re great for charging your phone while camping or somewhere without electricity – even on the plane if they can’t reach an outlet.

Transportation Passes

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Similar to the accommodations gift card, thinking ahead to your loved one’s transportation needs while abroad can be really helpful. You can purchase Euro Rail passes online, load Presto passes, Uber even has gift cards!

Buy them an App

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There are lots of apps that can help pass time while you’re stuck on a long flight or in an airport. Paying for a month or year subscription to an app for your traveller would be a great gift! You can buy Netflix gift cards and App Store gift cards. Bonus thoughtfulness points if you’ve discovered the app and know they’ll love it.

Appropriate equipment

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Upgrading your traveller’s camping gear, luggage, or hiking equipment could make a perfect gift (only if they need it though!) Additionally, if your loved one has an upcoming trip that requires new equipment like hiking boots to climb Everest, consider what they’ll need for their next adventure and get it for them.


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If you know where your loved one is heading next, exchanging money for them would be a great gift! Gifting the appropriate currency as well is very thoughtful.

Stocking Stuffers

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Here are a few small things that any frequent traveller should have:

  • Travel hand sanitizer
  • Makeup wipes/moist towelettes
  • A neck pillow that can clasp around the handle of a bag
  • Essential oil travel rollers (for travellers who love oil diffusers but can’t travel with one)
  • Gum (for flights)
  • A foldable water bottle
  • Reusable travel-sized bottles for shampoo, body wash, etc

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