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Most Christmassy Places in the World

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For many Canadians, Christmas means snow, decorations, pine trees, and snowmen. Unfortunately, most of us only get time off work to travel over Christmas holiday – and it’s hard to get into the Christmas mindset surrounded by palm trees on the beach. So, if you’re wondering where you can travel that is still in the spirit of the season, read on for a list of perfect Christmas destinations.

1. Finland

Reindeer in Finland Christmas Destination

With a huge reindeer population and the country with the biggest chance of a white Christmas, how could Finland not top the list? Many people believe Santa Claus lives in Finland (we Canadians tend to disagree, as Santa is obviously a canuck) and Finland celebrates their hometown hero with lots of Christmas activities (like Reindeer safaris, baking with Mrs. Claus, and fireworks). To top it all off, you have a good chance of seeing the Northern Lights in Finland, making it a true winter wonderland.

2. Germany

Christmas Destination German Christmas market

If you love Christmas markets, Germany is the Christmas destination of your dreams! Home to over 70 Christkindlesmarkten with endless options for beautiful, handmade gifts, Germany’s markets are bound to make you feel the magic of Christmas.

3. United Kingdom

Ice skating in London Christmas Destination

While the chances of a white Christmas in the UK are slim, it’s still cold enough to go skating, crunch fresh snow before it melts, and remember what season you’re in. Like Canada, you’ll hear a lot of Christmas music played in stores, restaurants, elevators, and homes. The UK is home to several cities that really get into the spirit with old-timey decorations, role plays, and markets. You’ll feel like you stepped into A Christmas Carol!

4. Japan

Tokyo Tower Christmas Destination

What Tokyo lacks in snow, it makes up for in decorations. Tokyo is famous for their extravagant Christmas decorations, decadent lights, and holiday cheer. What happens when a non-Christian culture adopts a Christian holiday? One of the best-decorated cities in the world, a huge party, and so much Christmas cheer. Since Christmas isn’t a holiday, the big night is Christmas Eve. The city comes alive with food and festivities and resembles the craziest Valentine’s Day you can imagine as Tokyo Christmas is more romantic than family-oriented.

5. New York

Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center New York Christmas Destination

The States celebrate Christmas similar to how we do in Canada; lots of lights, presents, music, and holiday cheer – they just have less snow and more people! New York is the centre of many favourite Christmas movies, like Miracle in 34th Street, Home Alone: Lost in New York, and Elf. New York was chosen for these movies for a reason; the city that never sleeps goes all out with decorations, including the famous 94-foot tall Rockefeller Centre Christmas Tree, and more Santa’s walking around than you can count!

6. Quebec

Old Quebec Christmas Destination

While Canada as a whole is ranked at the top of Christmassy places with our high chance of a white Christmas, our high proportion of people who put up lights, decorations, and listen to Christmas carols, Quebec is on a different level. Quebecers go all out for Christmas. La Belle Province has snow all over for almost all winter – which not only means a white Christmas but endless winter sports and activity options. Additionally, Quebec has tons of winter festivals and celebrations to keep the spirit going all season long.

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