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Last week on the Current we gave you 9 Tips to Travel Europe on A Budget, but what good is saving money on vacation if it costs and arm and a leg to fly to your vacation? Flying to Europe can take a big bite out of even the most generous budget – despite the Loonie’s current strength against the euro. While there are many discount airlines within Europe, like Ryanair, finding the cheapest flight across the Atlantic can sometimes be a challenge. One common money-saving tip is to carefully choose which city you want to fly into.

What are the cheapest European cities to fly into? How much do they cost? How long will the flight take? We decided to compare the cost and length of flights into 10 of Europe’s premier destinations to find YOU the biggest savings.

How we did it:

Using we looked up flights to London, Paris, Dublin, Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, Berlin, Moscow, Istanbul and Stockholm from Pearson Airport in Toronto. Then we took the top Google results and compared the cost and flight time of different airlines. In addition to the major airlines includes ‘other airlines’ and ‘multiple airlines’ which include the results of smaller airlines and of special deals offered by the large airlines. Usually ‘other airlines’ and ‘multiple airlines’ are the best deals so we included them.

The flights were found on March 3rd and the departure date was set just over two weeks later on March 19th, the return flights were booked for March 23. In some cases one airline may take much longer to reach the destination (eg Delta to London, United to Dublin, Alitalia to Madrid etc) this is usually due to layovers but we decided it was important to include them in the analysis.

Scroll to the bottom of the article for the results!

Pearson International Airport to London 

AirlineTimeCost (CND)
British Airways7h 20m1 268
Air Canada7h 20m1 324
Lufthansa7h 20m1 330
American7h 20m2 420
Iberia7h 20m2 535
Multiple Airlines8h 40m957
United10h 50m1 003
Average8h1 548

Pearson to Dublin

AirlineTimeCost (CND)
Aer Lingus9h843
Air Canada8h 35m1 062
British Airways9h 50m1 137
United11h 5m1 225
Other Airlines9h907
Average9h 30m1 035

Pearson to Paris

AirlineTimeCost (CND)
Delta8h 5m1 478
Air France8h 5m1 498
Air Canada7h 45m4 455
Lufthansa7h 45m4 455
American12h 50m747
British Airways9h 50m889
Other Airlines8h 55m788
Average9h2 044

Pearson to Madrid

AirlineTimeCost (CND)
Air Canada11h 15m1 022
Alitalia22h1 066
American12h 45m1 209
Other Airlines12h 45m1 209
Multiple Airlines11h 15m982
Average14h1 098

Pearson to Barcelona

AirlineTimeCost (CND)
KLM12h 20m1 967
Delta11h 45m1 992
Multiple11h 20m1 680
Air France13h 40m1 753
Average12h 15m1 848

Pearson to Rome

AirlineTimeCost (CND)
Air France12h 25m1 266
Delta10h 15m1 319
British Airways12h1 468
Multiple10h 15m1 218
Average11h 15m1 318

Pearson to Berlin

AirlineTimeCost (CND)
American12h 45m1 095
United12h 30m1 245
Austrian18h 30m1 296
Multiple11h 5m1 086
Average13h 45m1 181

Pearson to Moscow

AirlineTimeCost (CND)
Alitalia16h1 155
Austrian21h 50m1 225
British Airways15h 25m1 250
Multiple12h 50m978
Average16h 30m1 152

Pearson to Istanbul

AirlineTimeCost (CND)
Air Canada10h 20m1 507
Turkish10h 30m1 382
Multiple11h 10m1 085
United17h 15m1 177
Average 12h 20m1 288

Pearson to Stockholm

AirlineTimeCost (CND)
Austrian21h 20m937
Air Canada12h 55m994
United14h 25m1 001
Other Airlines9h 50m1 062
Average14h 40m999

Cheapest Flights

RankCityAverage Cost (CND)Average Time
1Stockholm99914h40m (9th)
2Dublin1 0359h 30m (3rd)
3Madrid1 09814h (8th)
4Moscow1 15216h30m (10th)
5Berlin1 18013h 45m (7th)
6Istanbul1 28812h 20m (5th)
7Rome1 31711h 15m (4th)
8London1 5488h (1st)
9Barcelona1 84812h20m (6th)
10Paris2 0449h (2nd)

Shortest Flights (Average)

RankCityAverage TimeAverage Cost (CND)
1London8h1 548(8th)
2Paris9h2 044(10th)
3Dublin9h 30m1 035(2nd)
4Rome11h 12m1 317(7th)
5Istanbul12h 18m1 288(6th)
6Barcelona12h 20m1 848(9th)
7Berlin13h 42m1 180 (5th)
8Madrid14h1 098(3rd)
9Stockholm14h36m999 (1st)
10Moscow16h 30m1 152(4th)

So what’s the best deal?


Dublin scores 3rd in flight time (9h 30m) and 2nd in cost ($1 035). Stockholm is the cheapest flight ($999) but it’s also the second longest flight overall (14h36m). So if you’re planning a European adventure and don’t know where to start, then consider taking a look at flying into Dublin or Stockholm. Plus, remember that travel within Europe can be pretty cheap if you use budget airlines or a rail pass, so it would still be economical to fly to Sweden or Ireland even if they aren’t your ideal destinations.

If you’re heading to Spain, flights to Barcelona are faster on average (12h 20m) than flights to Madrid (14h), but Madrid is the third cheapest city to fly into in Europe ($1 098) while Barcelona is the second most expensive ($1 848).

If you’re travelling to the UK it would be cheaper to fly into Dublin ($1 035) although the Irish Capital is also a longer flight (9h 30m) than London (8h). So if you’re planning a Spanish or British Isles vacation and aren’t picky about what city you fly into, then consider Dublin and Madrid to save cash or London and Barcelona to save some time.

Location, Location, Location

When it comes to price and flight duration, location isn’t always everything. Flight duration can vary for a lot of reasons. Distance is obviously a major factor but the size of each airport, how long on average flights have to wait to land, and how long they taxi once they’ve landed all make a big difference. Layovers often make flights cheaper, but they can also add a lot of time overall. Night flights are usually cheaper as well, but they are also more prone to delay. Flight prices can change daily or even hourly so you can usually find a bargain if you book well in advance or wait until the last minute! Also, different airports within each city can have huge price differences.

So remember, as is usually the case, it is best to shop around, look at different airlines and different destinations in order to maximize your savings. Of course, make sure to Buy Before you Fly  or Pre-order your currency to save on your currency exchange.

Stay informed. Stay Current.