Chase the Chill

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Here in Ontario we’re used to long, cold winters. While it might be a point of pride that we’re able to endure frigid temperatures, that doesn’t mean we don’t look for ways to keep warm. Well now there’s a generous initiative to help people make it through to spring comfortably! The Chase the Chill campaign has been sweeping through parts of the northern United States and has now come to Canada.

Chase the Chill first started in Easton, PA in 2010. People knit scarves, mittens, and other winter necessities and leave them tied to trees, signs, or other public places. They are free for anyone to take and use to stay warm. ‘Chase The Chill, the Original’ states on their Facebook page that their mission is “Celebrating the art and beauty of knitting and crocheting, building community, generating positive interest in a location, and sharing with others.”

Since the campaign began, Chase the Chill has spread like wildfire to anywhere in need of warmth. Just this year, scarves began appearing in the Port Credit and Clarkson areas of Mississauga. Three different churches came together after reading about the campaign’s effect elsewhere in previous years to knit winter wear. Plus, if any of the scarves aren’t taken, they will be donated to community outreach organizations so nothing goes to waste!

So if you find yourself trapped outside in the stinging cold this winter, you might just be in luck. Take a look at the nearest tree or signpost. If you see a scarf, take it in good faith – just remember the army of generous knitters who are looking out for you.

If you’re looking to start Chase the Chill in your community, there’s nothing stopping you! Get together with your best knitters and help make the winter a little more bearable for everyone.

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