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Celebrate Valentine’s Day!

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It’s that time of year again – Valentine’s Day. Many await it with excitement, some with indifference, and others with dread. Here at Continental Currency Exchange, we love getting into the holiday spirit just as much as most people. Whether it’s giveaways, destinations, or something else – we’re here to help you make the most of the holiday (or just get through it).

Win with Continental Love!

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Introducing #ContinentalLove, your chance to win $200 cash and a Valentine’s Gift Basket in celebration of Valentine’s Day. In addition, show how much you love us online and you’ll get a coupon for your next purchase! The contest only runs until Friday, February 17 so get out to your nearest branch now! Learn more.

Romance, Travel, Facts, and More

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Over the years, we went crazy giving you the best Valentine’s Day destinations as well as some interesting facts about our favourite (?) holiday. Frankly, these are still just as relevant now and since it saves us the trouble of thinking up something new, we thought we’d just point you back in that direction. Besides the world’s most romantic destinations, we also covered how to save money while still wooing your valentine, how to be romantic in 16 different countries, 10 Valentine’s Day cards you can use (or might want to avoid depending on their sense of humour), as well as 5 unique traditions from around the world.

So if you missed out on planning a Valentine’s Day trip to Big Sur last year, it’s probably still too late this year. That being said, a trip to the Post Ranch Inn anytime of the year is sure to be a passionate affair. If you’re really scrambling to throw something together last minute today and can’t make a reservation, you can always go the cheap route and stargaze, cook, or simply rain check to later in the week (because you can still be romantic even when it’s not February 14th). Of course we can’t forget our single friends so we also put have 9 reasons being single on Valentine’s Day is pretty cool.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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Now that you’re sufficiently in the holiday sprit (or even more fed up than before), it’s time to get out there and start wooing. So once again, happy Valentine’s Day from Continental – and we’ll see you on the other side.

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