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Why You Should Always Travel with Cash and Card

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Taking cash on vacation is an absolute must for anyone hoping to buy souvenirs from markets, easily budget their spending, and have a little extra for tipping at restaurants. There are many benefits of travelling with cash, and before any trip the question is always “how much should I bring?”. However, travelling with only cash is risky – what if it all gets stolen? What if you need to make a big purchase? That’s why travelling with both cash and card is the best combination!


Travelling with cash and card gives you the ultimate flexibility. You can budget however you want. If you want to spend mostly cash but keep your card for big or emergency purchases, you can. If you’d like to use your card for everything except cash-only places like the local farmer’s market, that’s fine too. And, if you want to use both at the same place, like paying for your dinner bill with your card but tipping with cash, you can!


With a flexible budget of cash and card, you can also easily track your spending and budget your money. You can make a plan before you leave and know all the big purchases you’ll make on your card and be able to easily track the cash you have on-hand. You can set aside a certain amount of cash per day (like a vacation allowance) but still have your card in case there’s a souvenir you absolutely need to have that’s outside of your daily budget or use your card in case of emergency. With cash and card, your budget will always be at the front of your mind and you’ll be able to more-or-less stick to it.


If your card happens to get lost or stolen, you won’t be completely stranded if you also carry cash. If your cash gets lost or stolen, you still have the peace of mind that comes with carrying a card. Either way, you have a backup plan.

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