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Why Celebrating Canada Day Abroad is Great!

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Whether you’re in Canada or not, Canada Day is an important day of the year for every Canadian. If you’re travelling or living abroad this summer, fret not! There’s still a chance you can celebrate! Here are some great ideas for how to enjoy a Canada Day abroad.


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Last year, the Canada Day party in London was huge for Canada 150. With Canadian food and musicians, the celebration was epic. However, London usually has a smaller Canada Day celebration every year. Although it won’t be as advertised or exciting, Trafalgar Square will be the gathering spot for Canadians again this year on July 1st. Make sure to stop in at the Maple Leaf Bar for some NHL, Canadian beer and food, and a Canadian-themed restaurant.


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The Empire State Building usually is lit up with red and white on July 1st. Maybe not every New Yorker or tourist in the city will understand, but any Canadian walking by will know and take comfort in the fact that the CN Tower is lit the same way back home.


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There’s always a Canada Day celebration in Seoul. Whether it’s airing hockey games or eating Canadian food at (the now closed) Rocky Mountain Tavern, Seoul is known for doing Canada Day right. This year, there’s a Canada Day barbeque on Saturday, June 30th at Dulwich College, Seoul. Tickets are required for this family-friendly event with a bouncy castle, a pool, great food, and the Canada theme you’re missing.


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Every year the Canadian Australian Club hosts a barbeque or lunch in Sydney on Canada Day. “Oh, Canada” will be sung, Molson Canadians will be drunk and cheered, and red and white attire will be worn! The event is family-friendly and a great chance to meet other Canadians in Australia.


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Choose from one of two events (or both!) happening in Dubai. There’s the “Can-a-dine” event which is a three-course meal with a DJ, a poutine bar, and Canada theme. Can-a-dine runs on until 4 on July 1st. Alternatively, CBC Dubai is hosting a kid-friendly celebration at the Hilton hotel with crafts, trivia, and pool and beach fun on Saturday, June 31st.


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Canada Club Geneva is hosting a Canada Day celebration on the Bâteau Genève. The event will include a barbeque dinner, cake, drinks, and raffle prizes. The event is a little on the pricey side (70 Swiss francs for adults or 35 without drinks and dinner and 20 for kids), but, it’s on a boat, so that’s cool!


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Prince Edward Island has the largest population of Monaghan descendants outside of Ireland, so every year Monaghan celebrates its connection to Canada and P.E.I. on Canada Day. There are events taking place all weekend. From spoken word poetry, to a flag raising ceremony, to kids games – there’s something for everyone. You’ll also be able to find maple cookies and pancakes to satisfy your Canadian food craving.


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What’s your favourite part of Canada Day? Think of what makes it special to you and celebrate it yourself! If you love Caesars, Canadian Tire sells “Caesar Pleaser” which is a clam and tomato juice powder – just add water, vodka, and a pickle and you’re good to go! Or track down some imported Canadian wine or a Molson Canadian. If you love the fireworks, host your own party and set them off for your friends. For many Canadian musicians and bands, Canada Day doesn’t mean the tour stops, so you can still experience a Canadian concert on the 1st. To name a few, Barenaked Ladies are playing July 1st in Boston, Bryan Adams is playing June 29thin Illinois, and The Weeknd is playing June 29th at Mawazine Festival in Rabat, Morocco.

Home for the holiday? There are plenty great places to celebrate right here!

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