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Celebrate Canada Day!

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Break out your red and white, unfurl those flags, and scramble together some last minute plans for the weekend because it’s that time of year again…Canada Day! The National Day of our country is a great time to celebrate how far we’ve come as a nation, while having a great time to boot!

canada day flag leaves maple red white

Maple Leaf-ception

We like to celebrate with red headings!

This Canada Day is the 149th anniversary of the 1867 Constitution Act which unified three separate colonies into a single entity – known as, you guessed it, Canada! While we can look forward to the big 150 next time around, you can bet Canadians from St. John’s to Vancouver will be enjoying the festivities nonetheless.

canada toronto ottawa banff st john's newfoundland cn tower

Just a few of the amazing places in our country!

Bringing it Home

While we pride ourselves on our international outlook here at theCurrent, Canada Day is a great excuse to bring the focus back home for a bit! With our Country of the Week you can brush up on all the Canadian history and culture you can handle – just be sure to use it to impress your family and friends later. While there is a whole wide world to see out there, sometimes a good-ol Canadian road trip is the best journey you can make, so that’s why we’ve got a comprehensive coast to coast Travel Guide for you! And, of course, you can always brush up on our personal favourite currency – the Canadian dollar!

But that’s not all! Over the last year and a half, we’ve taken a look at some important parts of Canadian culture and society. Whether it’s the many amazing Canadian inventions, the history of the Maple Leaf, or an unforgettable journey to one of Canada’s most important overseas memorials, we make sure never to forget where we came from. There’s more out there (including a look at the potential new Canadian dollar note), so keep an eye out for anything ‘Canada’ on the website!


Where the course of Canada is set

Make this Canada Day special!

So now that you’ve got your ‘Canada’ fix, it’s time to go out there and enjoy! Whether you’re spending the weekend at our nationals capital, escaping to cottage country, or doing something else entirely…we hope you have a great Canada Day!

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