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Celebrate Canada 150!

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This July 1 isn’t just any Canada Day – it’s Canada 150! Since the Canadian Confederation on July 1, 1867, our country has been through ups and downs without ever losing sight of where we came from. This week is a chance to celebrate how much we’ve grown…and of course have a good old fashioned party! So break out your red and white and strap in for a week of flag waving, Canadian history, and savings…Continental style.

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150 years of deals

Okay, while we may not have been around since Canada became a Dominion, we have been here for over 28 years helping clients like you save on all their currency related needs. This week will be no different! Order currency now on FXtoGO and you’ll get $1.50 off on all purchases of $150 of more (get it?). All you have to do is enter the coupon code below.

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A Canadian journey

While our online savings and in-branch contest may be exciting, we’ll also have a lot going on here at theCurrent. We’ve gone back to our roots with a look at Canadian history, a road trip through our three favorite destinations in each province and territory, and an in-depth look at a very special currency – the Canadian dollar!

Our adventure doesn’t end there however. Over the last couple years, we’ve taken a look at some unique elements of Canadian culture and society. This has included amazing Canadian inventions, the history of the Maple Leaf, and an unforgettable journey to one of Canada’s most important overseas memorials. While we might have a very international outlook, we make sure to never forget where we came from!

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Celebrate Canada 150!

Now that you’ve got the lowdown on everything Continental and Canada this week, it’s time to get out there and enjoy it! Whether you’re saving on your exchange or enjoying a free concert and fireworks this Saturday, we hope it’s a celebration to remember!

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Learn more about Canada 150 and how to get involved in the festivities! 

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