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The Best Winter Cruises

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The long and dark winter months can be a trying time for Canadians. The monotony of short, grey days and snow, slush and cold can be a serious contributor to seasonal affective disorder. It’s no wonder, therefore, that so many Canadians invest in winter getaways. Looking to head somewhere yourself? Here are the six best winter cruises to melt away your winter blues!


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When somebody mentions tropical paradise, where does your mind take you? Chances are it’s Hawaii. The six main islands each possess their own nuance and charm; but it’s pretty safe to expect breathtaking beaches, stunning reefs, rich jungles, and hiking, all at the average daytime temperature of 25.6 degrees Celsius.

When it comes to a winter escape, you can’t really go wrong with a trip to Hawaii; and taking a cruise can be an excellent way to experience the best of the main islands in a relatively short time.

Norwegian Sea

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This next option may not exactly count as an escape from winter, but there are quite a few pros to cruising the Norwegian Sea in the colder months. First and foremost among those: the Aurora Borealis. There aren’t many better ways to experience the Northern Lights than onboard a ship free of all other distractions.

While the reality of sub-Arctic and Arctic geography means the daylight hours will be severely curtailed, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll get to see some fjords by day. As the Norwegian fjords are among the most beautiful places on Earth, that is a very big plus indeed!

Still not convinced? While a northern winter cruise certainly won’t grant you a respite from the dark or the cold, chances are the winter at home will feel a whole lot less so when you get back!

Galápagos Islands

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In the mood for a unique getaway, while still enjoying the sun and warmth of the tropics? A winter cruise in the Galápagos is a great option! Follow in the footsteps of Darwin and witness for yourself this distinct island chain and the biodiversity that inspired On the Origins of Species.

There’s a great deal of variety in the cruise options available in the Galápagos, but due to the unique and delicate nature of the islands and their wildlife, be responsible! Choose a package that keeps your impact to a minimum and supports local and sustainable tour outfits.


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Although the majority of Mediterranean cruises take place in the summer months, some cruise lines remain in operation throughout the winter; and taking a winter Mediterranean cruise can be an excellent way both of saving money and (surprise, surprise) avoiding the crowds! What’s more, if you go in December you’ll also have the Christmas markets to look forward to!

Weather and sea conditions can vary, so if you have a weak stomach it might be best to hold out for the summer cruise. But the Mediterranean does get some clear, crisp days, even in the winter; and the weather is even better in the eastern half!

Southeast Asia

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Incredible food, tropical climate, fascinating ports of call; a cruise in Southeast Asia can be an exciting adventure at any time of year. But with hot and humid summers, the pleasant winter temperatures make that season the ideal time to go!

With the number of packages and destinations on offer, it’s impossible to state decisively which options are the absolute best. The main embarkation/disembarkation ports are Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok, with Shanghai generally servicing cruises further north through China, South Korea and Japan. Rest easy though: whichever package you choose, you’re bound to experience some pretty incredible places.


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Of course, no list of winter cruises for Canadians would be complete without the Caribbean. Incorporating warm tropical temperatures, serene beaches, and lively Caribbean ports and cities, a Caribbean cruise is just what most Canadians are looking for in their winter escape.

Plus, due to its proximity to home, a winter cruise in the Caribbean is also bound to be one of the cheapest options on this list. You really can’t go wrong.

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